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4/12/2017 1:00:33 PM
Taking your mobile website SEO to the next level
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Taking your mobile website SEO to the next level


Taking your mobile website SEO to the next level

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Richard Harris Richard Harris

New SEO changes to help your mobile website stay ranked and relevant.

Editors note: Guest submission by Tom Hardy

Why does SEO have to be such a moving target? As frustrating as it is, the changing landscape of telling web crawlers all about your website for discovery is always changing. From 2015 until now, there have been well over 50 unofficial changes to the "rules" that search engines look for on your website.

A good mobile friendly website is something often overlooked by an app developer. Maybe you are too focused on building out level #99 to realize it - but websites still matter, a great deal, and knowing how to get your website ranked can help growth-hack your mobile app in the app stores.

Here are some of the latest trending SEO tricks to add into your website.

Voice Search Functionality

You might be aware of the Google voice search functionality, where the keywords get typed just by whispering the words. This technology is now gradually implemented in the websites and more importantly in mobile apps. Previously, it was something which is floating around, but it was not playing a crucial role in one’s life. In today’s scenario, where mobile continues to grow and the technology advances, the voice search tactic is gaining momentum.

You might be thinking why this functionality is gaining momentum? What is so special in it? The answer to this question is the speedy and effortless keyword search which makes the lives easier. Many times, it seems difficult to type the keywords, this technique initiates the pattern of talking to your phone in an easy manner, specifically when you are on the go or want to accomplish multiple tasks.

In this context, it is very important to make the websites and the mobile apps with such voice search functionality so that they can easily understand the intention of voice searchers. Further, the functionality should be implemented in such manner that it can optimize the voice searches originating from different ways.

Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP)

The most amazing and trendiest concept of SEO is the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page). The AMP is also responsible for bringing the stringent change in SEO optimization. Basically, it is a new Google initiative used for building user-friendly websites that are adapted to all mobile devices. This is a new standard of Google that has a set of rules to form a lighter and simpler version of HTML pages and it is sure that pages built in compliance with the AMP are sure to load quickly on all the smart-devices.

Since its inception in the search results, AMP has been in the SEO news and marketers implement it thoughtfully. For further reference, it can be concluded that this new standard or change in SEO will last longer in the industry.

Integration of Rich Snippets

Google always wants to assist searchers to find answers related to their queries in a genuine way. To make this happen, the team of Google provides an enhanced way to the search engine optimizers to display their answers with featured snippets on the top of the search engine result pages.

Rich snippets always provide a well-defined answer to the question, which can be in the form of bullets, paragraph and numbered steps. The best advantage of this SEO feature is that users can easily get their answers straight to the result pages. In today’s era, you cannot even think of implementing the SEO services for any business without applying the rich snippets.

Video Content

Video content strategy is something which is on the boom nowadays and it is not going anywhere in the future. Rather, the chances would be high of its popularity. In fact, it has been stated that video content will be the most imperative type of content by the year 2020. The facts are genuine and configured as per the current trends.

To make your search marketing strategy successful, you can implement various types of video content techniques which include step-by-step tutorials, webinars and question & answer. Just to make yourself sure, place a short video content on the search engine and see how does it work. It is sure that it will definitely work good.

Website Optimization Through Mobiles

Introduction of mobile devices has reshaped the entire SEO in past few years. Instead of searching queries from the desktop, users mostly prefer searches from their smart devices. This ratio is growing faster than anything and expected to get higher priorities in the future. The reason behind this is that the traffic is shifting towards mobile devices from the traditional desktop searches. Due to this big change, many of the business websites already getting traffic from their mobile-friendly solutions. Mobile optimization has already been important for SEO success and in upcoming years, it will prove to be the mandatory SEO concern.

Wrapping Up

Staying ahead of each term and activity happen in the industry is necessary for SEO success. I hope, all the trends mentioned above can help you bring better directions for your SEO in 2017. So, make sure that you implement the SEO changes by keeping all the described facts in mind.

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