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10/8/2016 11:05:33 AM
SAP HANA express edition and key benefits developers should know about
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SAP HANA express edition and key benefits developers should know about

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SAP HANA express edition and key benefits developers should know about

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Richard Harris Richard Harris

SAP, a large independent software developer, has released it's latest edition of HANA, an in-memory computing PaaS, called HANA express edition. SAP HANA can be used as an on-premise appliance, or for building and deploying to the cloud. A great tool for any real-time application development or analytics projects. The SAP HANA express edition gives developers all of the liberty and variety of tools given to the full edition, but the express edition is free until you go into full production software. We recently chatted with Marie Goodell, Vice President of SAP HANA Platform marketing to talk about the express edition, and some business problems devs can solve by using it.

ADM: What are the key benefits of SAP HANA, express edition and what is the biggest impact it will have on the developer community?

Goodell: We've been working for a long time to try and make HANA more available for the developer community. It's the next phase for our HANA evolution, and we're excited to have developers experience what it can do.

The biggest impact for developers is the power of HANA in a more accessible format. The SAP HANA, express edition is ideal for developers to be up and running on a device they’re comfortable with and is streamlined so it can be downloaded to servers and laptops or is readily available through the cloud. The key benefits include the free access, flexibility for growth and a faster and more immediate application development. It allows users the ability to utilize SAP’s offerings from a number of environments on devices that they choose and trust.

Developers also have the advantage of tapping into the entire SAP HANA platform and SAP ecosystem. This includes open interfaces for standard application environments, protocols, programming languages, built-in application services, processing services, integration services, database services, tutorials, sample code, worldwide users and the extensive SAP Community to support their learning needs.

ADM: Why did SAP choose now to open up an express edition of SAP HANA and cater to the developer community?

Goodell: We identified a group of HANA distinguished engineers and realized the logistics of what it takes to get them up and running. We began to really think – what would a developer need? Having the software available on their laptops and devices in their own environment was critical for learning. We streamlined the existing SAP HANA model and produced this express edition to fit on the smaller PC footprint so that developers can code from any location. 
Marie Goodell

ADM: What education will SAP offer new developers getting started for the first time with SAP HANA, express edition?

Goodell: We wanted to make the integration seamless for developers as they got started with HANA. The software can be downloaded from the SAP Developer Community. This site includes tutorials for getting up and running and content to assist a developer in the initial stages. Developers will have access to a host of videos and online training in the SAP HANA Academy and user manuals to reference. In addition, support for SAP HANA, express edition is available through SAP Community Network (SCN). SCN is the quickest way for users to solve problems, learn more about SAP solutions, and invent new ways to get things done. Our focus has been to remove commercial and technical roadblocks for those that want to use all of the excellent offerings that come along with HANA.  

ADM: At what point will developers need additional capabilities beyond the free SAP HANA, express edition?

Goodell: We feel that the free version with SAP HANA, express edition is a great place to get started. For SAP HANA, express edition users, developers can develop and deploy applications at no cost for up to 32 GB of memory. If more memory is required, developers can expand to 128 GB of memory for a fee. And, if additional memory is needed on top of that, users can upgrade to any of the full-use editions.

ADM: What kinds of business challenges are developers looking to solve via SAP HANA, express edition?

Goodell: There’s an entire group of developers that either work for smaller companies or work for themselves. SAP HANA, express edition opens up an ability to solve problems they may not have thought possible, through the power of in-memory computing, predictive analytics, text analytics or geospatial location intelligence. It gives a whole new group of people the power to modern applications that deliver innovation, and we’re really excited to see what people will accomplish as a result.

ADM: What are some examples of what developers can do with the express edition?

Goodell: One early adopter of SAP HANA, express edition is Calypso Technology, which provides an integrated suite of trading and risk management software, and employs over 700 staff in 22 global offices. Calypso is currently using SAP with its Market Risk solution, a comprehensive capital markets risk framework that includes historical VaR [Value at Risk] simulation, stress testing, attribution, and support for FRTB [the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book] regulations. Initially the company is running back-end risk processes on HANA, including data storage, querying, and reporting. Calypso has already installed SAP HANA, express edition for development purposes on a Windows laptop, and for performance testing on an Amazon virtual machine.

Calypso now has the ability to have the Hana-based development infrastructure on a virtual machine, which is key for the company and its clients. They have an extensive library of APIs [application programming interfaces] that allow its users to easily customize the application, and working in a portable, virtual environment makes the development process much easier. Calypso is very excited about what SAP HANA, express edition has brought to the table for developers and they’re looking forward to seeing how else developers will use the platform.

Editors note:  Marie Goodell is Vice President for SAP HANA, Platform marketing

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