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11/10/2023 7:33:58 AM
Santa Calling: The Naughty or Nice Scanner App Gets a Jolly update
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Santa Calling: The Naughty or Nice Scanner App Gets a Jolly update


Santa Calling: The Naughty or Nice Scanner App Gets a Jolly update

Friday, November 10, 2023

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Experience the magic of Christmas with the latest update to the beloved Santa Calling: Naughty or Nice Scanner App. This festive season, Santa Claus himself will give you a call with your naughty or nice status, bringing holiday cheer straight to your phone. Perfect for families and children, this enchanting app by Moonbeam combines the thrill of technology with the heartwarming tradition of Santa's list.

Ho-Ho-Hold the phone, literally! The holiday season just got a tech-savvy twist that’s going to jingle some bells. Moonbeam, the elfin tech wizards behind the beloved 'Naughty or Nice Scanner' app, have decked the digital halls with an update that's as exciting as finding the last cookie left for Santa. Yes, you read that right - Santa Claus is now just a scan away from giving you a jingle!

Get a call from Santa Claus today!

Download the Santa Claus app on iPhone: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/santa-naughty-or-nice-scan/id406423598?platform=iphone

Download the Santa Claus app on iPad: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/santa-naughty-or-nice-scan/id406423598?platform=ipad

Visit the official website for the Santa Claus app: https://naughtyornicescan.com/

Santa's Personalized Calls

Picture this: you've been scanned by the app, and then... *ring, ring*... it’s a call from the North Pole! Santa himself, with his jolly voice, will let you know if you've been naughty or nice. Imagine the giggles and wide-eyed wonder when kids (and let’s face it, adults too) hear the big man in red delivering their festive fate.

A Sleigh Load of New Features

But wait, there's myrrh! The app isn’t just about the naughty or nice verdict anymore. It now comes packed with features faster than Rudolph on a foggy night:

- Personalized Messages: Santa can now address the scanned by their first name. That's right, he knows if you're Johnny, Jenny, or Jingles!
- Santa’s Selfie Mode: Capture the magical moment when Santa delivers his verdict with an in-app selfie feature.
- Holiday Countdown: Keep track of how many sleeps till Christmas with a festive countdown.

The Moonbeam Touch

The elves at Moonbeam have worked their magic, giving the app a sparkly new interface. It's user-friendly, more magical, and with graphics so crisp they'd put Jack Frost to shame.

Global Cheer

This isn’t just for the kids in snowy climes. No, sir! With millions of users worldwide, from sunny Australia to snowy Sweden, the Naughty or Nice Scanner transcends snow lines, bringing holiday cheer to every corner of the globe.

Naughty or Nice Scanner key features

So, are you ready to dial into some festive fun? This app update isn’t just an upgrade; it’s a Christmas miracle in your pocket. Download the new Naughty or Nice Scanner, and let the merry magic begin. Remember, Santa’s watching… and now, he’s calling too!

Happy Holidays from Moonbeam!


Get a call from Santa Claus today

'Twas the night before Christmas, in homes far and wide,
Children nestled in beds, with dreams that can't hide.
Stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.

But this year was different, oh so high-tech,
An app on the phone, a new way to check.
The Naughty or Nice Scanner, a Moonbeam creation,
Ready to reveal Santa’s festive determination.

With a touch of a button, the app came to life,
Scanning each child, in excitement and strife.
Their faces all glowing from the screen's soft light,
Wondering if Santa would call them this night.

Then out of the silence, a ringtone did sound,
Echoes of jingles, spreading joy all around.
Santa was calling! Oh, what a sight,
His image appeared in the deep of the night.

"Hello, dear child," Santa’s voice, warm and clear,
"I've checked my list, and the results are here."
The children held breaths, their hearts all a-flutter,
As Santa revealed the verdict with a jolly stutter.

Some were deemed nice, and their smiles shone bright,
Santa praising their deeds, much to their delight.
For those a bit naughty, he was gentle and kind,
Offering words of encouragement, a path to find.

The app was a wonder, a magical feat,
Bringing Santa so close, an experience so sweet.
Parents watched on, their hearts full of glee,
As Santa's call brought giggles and gaiety.

As the calls came to end, Santa had one thing to say,
"Remember, be kind, each and every day.
For the spirit of Christmas lives in your heart,
In each act of kindness, in every good part."

With a final wave, he vanished from sight,
Leaving a trail of magic on this special night.
The children, all snug in their beds once more,
Dreamt of Santa’s words, their spirits did soar.

And so the night passed, with a new tale to tell,
Of a Christmas app that made the holiday swell.
Moonbeam’s creation, a link so precise,
Uniting the world with Santa's advice.

As dawn broke clear, and Christmas arrived,
The spirit of joy and goodness thrived.
Thanks to an app, and a call from the North,
The true meaning of Christmas henceforth.


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