1. Ooyala Provides Audience Targeting With Release of Video Publishing Analytics Platform
4/14/2015 10:10:19 AM
Ooyala Provides Audience Targeting With Release of Video Publishing Analytics Platform
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Ooyala Provides Audience Targeting With Release of Video Publishing Analytics Platform

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Ooyala has released Ooyala IQ, the latest version of its video analytics platform that provides the ability to analyze video performance and audience behavior, including multi-dimensional filtering by device, operating system, browser, country, state, DMA (for U.S.), and player or traffic source. The Ooyala IQ analytics engine maximizes video monetization across all screens through real-time insights that help publishers better understand and target audiences, based on actual usage patterns.
Ooyala IQ is designed with an open framework allowing for integration of many data types, whether from Ooyala or from the broader media ecosystem, that can be used to maximize performance, engagement and revenue. These include ad performance and viewability metrics as well as quality of service metrics used to gauge the overall health of video streams.  

Ooyala IQ is integrated with the  platform for managing, delivering and monetizing video. With the querying capability of Ooyala IQ, publishers can filter, sort and drill down into a wide range of real-time video metrics, either within the Ooyala IQ UI or through an API. 

The platform provides the ability to filter across multiple dimensions at once, including asset or label, device or OS, geography, domain, and player, without the need to pre-configure filtering dimensions. This granular level of measurement allows publishers to provide advertisers with specific insights about their audience’s consumption patterns, helping better target and drive higher CPMs and ad revenues. 
The platform now offers a new player tracking capability that gives publishers the ability to track the performance of individual players in the analytics dashboard. Uses for player tracking include A/B testing across a set of players presenting different styles and capabilities, comparing the performance of players across a set of syndication partners, or comparing performance of players placed in various sections of a website. 

Publishers can test the impact of various ad monetization policies, such as frequency and/or number of ads, to determine the effect on engagement versus revenue earned. This level of testing gives publishers the ability to measure and report on the profitability of any partner or division and to compare effectiveness of different campaigns, by directing viewers to pages containing different players.
Ooyala’s video metrics dashboard offers publishers a holistic, detailed view into the performance of each individual piece of content. Along with existing graphs detailing unique users, segments watched, hours watched, plays requested and content starts (a new metric that measures drop-offs resulting from ad breaks), the expanded capabilities of the platform measures key asset metadata, key performance metrics for each asset, segment-specific metrics that clearly identify the sections of each video asset that are the most popular with viewers, and more. 
Publishers can use the dashboard to know precisely which segments of long-form content drive the highest engagement, to maximize views and ad revenue from clips and out-takes. Publishers can also calculate play conversion (ratio of player displays to video plays) and video conversion (ratio of video plays to video starts) metrics to ascertain the impact of thumbnails and ads on conversion, for a single asset or a group of assets 
Ooyala IQ provides one-click access to detailed “success metrics” – for example the impact of ads on engagement – for each individual asset. For example, an asset that seems to have low overall engagement across a customer’s total footprint may turn out to be highly popular on mobile phones in a particular country or DMA. This level of contextual detail allows ad operation teams to properly value assets on a per-device, per-regional basis, thus creating more value when negotiating ad campaigns. 

Read more: http://www.ooyala.com/solutions/ooyala-iq-video-an...

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