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Nexmo Customer Communication API Connector gets a boost from WhatsApp
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Nexmo Customer Communication API Connector gets a boost from WhatsApp

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave in Messaging Friday, September 28, 2018

The Nexmo Communication API Connector has been announced that it will be integrating with the WhatsApp Business solution to provide customers with a better communication experience.

Vonage announced that its Nexmo Communication API Connector, available on MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform, is now integrated with the WhatsApp Business solution. This integration enables MuleSoft customers to leverage the new WhatsApp Business solution to elevate their customer engagement.

Simple integration of Nexmo APIs into WhatsApp Business solution workflows eliminates the complexity of ongoing maintenance and operations. This integration allows MuleSoft business customers to focus on communicating with their customers wherever they are.

With the WhatsApp Business solution, MuleSoft customers can better manage conversations with their customers to drive customer loyalty and provide useful information - whether notifications or customer service messages - quickly and privately. By integrating the WhatsApp Business solution with existing support platforms like Salesforce Service Cloud, businesses can facilitate timely shipment and delivery notifications, and provide critical financial transaction notifications.

"Since we announced Nexmo as a WhatsApp Business solution provider, we've seen strong demand for this channel across businesses of all sizes and industries," said Eric Le Guiniec, SVP of Global Sales, Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform. "We're thrilled that our powerful APIs enable MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform customers to implement this solution and enhance customer experience in a variety of ways, from simplifying implementation of SMS opt-in to WhatsApp messaging, to easily creating workflows that leverage Salesforce CRM customer records."

Customers are using the integration of Nexmo APIs into the WhatsApp Business solution to stay connected with customers across the globe, for example, Visual Integrator Consulting, a MuleSoft Systems Integrator and Partner providing consulting services and middleware solutions that allow businesses to make the shift to a microservices based architecture.

"Our company, Visual Integrator, is based in the US, but a large portion of our customers are focused in Latin America. WhatsApp has been, by far, the most requested customer engagement channel in that area," said Jordan Braunstein, Chief Technology Officer of Visual Integrator. "The new WhatsApp Business solution support, available through the combined power of Nexmo and MuleSoft, allows us to provide businesses with the ability to delight their customers by connecting on their preferred channel, all while maintaining integration into their existing business apps and automating their business processes in the modern digital economy."

Attendees at the Dreamforce 2018 conference can experience a demo of the WhatsApp Business solution in Vonage booth #1843.

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