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New Swrve Platform Release Allows for Rich Media Conversations Between Publishers and Users
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New Swrve Platform Release Allows for Rich Media Conversations Between Publishers and Users

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Marketing & Promotion Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Swrve has announced that its app marketing platform now offers support for multiple forms of ‘rich media’ messages - including surveys, video content, and interactive messages that support conversations with a mobile user. 

These capabilities make it possible to have two-way communications between app users and companies. The platform enhancements can provide an opportunity for companies to move customer service operations to mobile as well as expand the effectiveness of mobile marketing campaigns and promotions.

The release adds the following capabilities to the platform:

- Creation of survey or interactive content that, depending on the user response, dynamically shows different subsequent messages

- Flexibility in adding video content at any point in the app without engineering support

- The creation of an ‘inbox’ feature within the app that provides a central store for ‘persistent’ communications and alerts users when new messages have been delivered

- The ability to prompt users to share socially at opportune moments in the app to increase virality

- The ability to track when users receive, see, and respond to messages

Read more: https://www.swrve.com

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