1. New Startup Mode Announces the Release of its IoT Cloud Platform
5/18/2015 5:00:04 PM
New Startup Mode Announces the Release of its IoT Cloud Platform
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New Startup Mode Announces the Release of its IoT Cloud Platform

Monday, May 18, 2015

Richard Harris Richard Harris

San Mateo, California based startup Mode has announced the introduction of its new IoT cloud platform that connects mobile applications with hardware devices in real time. The platform provides a cloud API for devices, mobile clients and application servers. IoT developers can utilize MODE as the backend infrastructure throughout the entire development cycle, from prototyping to product launch.

MODE serves as a virtual backend team for IoT companies by handling all of the backend services, such as user and device management and secure real-time access control. MODE has implemented free prototyping on its platform in addition to a flexible pricing structure for mass production. The platform is immediately available for use by IoT developers and works with any devices or mobile operating systems. 

Platform features include:

-  Connectivity: IoT devices and mobile clients can communicate with each other via the MODE cloud API. MODE supports push technologies such as Web Socket to facilitate remote control of devices even if they are situated behind firewalls. Likewise, push technologies allow mobile clients to receive data coming from devices instantly.

- Device and User Management: Each device shipped is tracked in MODE which also takes care of user registration and authentication. The MODE cloud API supports mechanisms for users to activate, use and share devices. 

- Extensibility: MODE facilitates the augmentation of product functionalities beyond simple remote controls. Developers can integrate application servers with MODE to process commands from users and react to data from devices.

- Developer Console: Developers have full control over IoT projects via the MODE web console and its suite of tools. The console provides the ability to develop and operate products with the project configurations manager and device inventory manager. Developers can also take advantage of the API Explorer when debugging software and hardware.

Read more: http://www.tinkermode.com/

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