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6/23/2022 10:42:40 AM
Microverse IDE beta opens
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Microverse IDE beta opens


Microverse IDE beta opens

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Croquet has announced the opening of the Microverse IDE beta that solves fundamental metaverse challenges by enabling developers to deliver interoperable metaverse web-based worlds safely and securely. Croquet also recently received the Auggie Award as Startup to Watch in 2022 at the AWE conference.

Croquet, the open OS and developer platform for the metaverse has announced the open beta of Microverse IDE, its development and deployment environment built for Croquet OS, which empowers web and web3 developers to rapidly deliver interoperable, standards-based metaverse worlds.

Croquet Microverse IDE beta opens, helping solve metaverse challenges

Croquet also announced the availability of its multiplane portal technology as a component of Microverse IDE. Multiplane portals solve the fundamental challenge in the metaverse: how to link web-based worlds securely and safely. Interoperability is a core underlying requirement of an open Metaverse, and Croquet, based upon open, standards-based technologies, provides a global solution.

Billions of interconnected worlds will comprise the metaverse, most of them NOT on Meta or Roblox. Interoperability is the issue: it’s hard to achieve technically and also securely, with malware and security posing big challenges. So, enabling any two worlds to connect is a gamechanger.

It's existential for Meta and Roblox to NOT be interoperable, their monetization strategy depends on it. For all other worlds, Croquet opens up multiplane portals across different domains, enabling interoperability between worlds for everyone.

Croquet just received the Auggie Award as Startup to Watch in 2022 at AWE, the prestigious conference for AR/VR and the metaverse.

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