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3/1/2022 3:57:10 PM
Machine learning training sessions launch
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Machine learning training sessions launch

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning training sessions launch

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Freeman Lightner Freeman Lightner

Squirro announced the launch of machine learning training sessions. The Squirro Academy launched in 2021 and it is a place for developers to access ML and AI educational resources. The hands-on, live, and interactive digital discovery sessions will cater to a wide audience of developers.

Squirro is launching a series of live discovery sessions that offer practical Machine Learning (ML) training to non-technical business line employees (known as citizen developers) and business analysts.

A new offering from the Squirro Academy, the Digital Discovery Sessions provide instructor-led, practical education on various digital topics. These include learning about ML using Squirro’s No-Code solution the Squirro AI Studio and building complex pipelets using the Squirro Insight Engine and Data Pipeline. The first practical session will be led by Amin Hasan, ML expert and solutions engineer, Squirro, and will focus on No-Code ML Model Building.

"Many of the challenges arising from digitalization come from a lack of education and a resistance to new technology. The Digital Discovery Sessions explain ML to a non-technical audience and put in place the ML fundamentals for citizen developers what is it, how can it be applied to different use cases, and what thoughts must go into digital transformation when using ML," said Lauren Hawker Zafer, Head of Training and Education, Squirro.

Machine learning training sessions from Squirro

The Squirro Academy was launched in 2021 as a place for people to access knowledge and education about ML and AI easily. It is accessible to Squirro partners and clients and serves as an introduction to the Squirro Insight Engine. Attendees are shown how to set up their own self-service instance and use Squirro and its Data Pipeline.

The training proved highly popular, and Squirro has launched the Digital Discovery Sessions to cater to a wider audience of citizen developers with a new format of live, interactive, and hands-on sessions. The sessions are completely free of charge, led by Squirro's ML experts, and do not require any technical skills to attend. Participants will have the opportunity to understand the process behind the model building, create their own ML models, identify ML use cases within their organization, and become more confident in technical discussions around ML and augmented intelligence.

Citizen developers create application capabilities for use by themselves or others, using tools not necessarily provided by IT or business units. Gartner has forecast that the number of active citizen developers at large enterprises will be at least four times that of professional developers by 2023.

"ML is playing an increasingly important and prominent role in business, and getting the most from this requires citizen developers and non-technical staff to understand and have the chance to work with it. Our experts have extensive experience working with ML and No-Code, and these practical instructor-led sessions are the perfect introduction to ML, No-Code model creation, and actual model making," said Lauren Hawker Zafer, Head of Training and Education, Squirro.

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