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1/7/2022 9:36:07 PM
Low code trends in 2022
Low code trends in 2022
App Developer Magazine
Low code trends in 2022

Low Code No Code

Low code trends in 2022

Friday, January 7, 2022

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave

Venkat Thiruvengadam, Founder and CEO at DuploCloud gives us his predictions and insights about no code / low code trends in 2022, why the DevOps skills shortage is going to grow, how companies are moving away from Cloud-First to Cloud-Only, and also that NoOps is on the come up.

Venkat Thiruvengadam is among the handful of people who pioneered the public cloud technology more than a decade back. He was an early engineer at Microsoft Azure, the first developer and founding member of Azure’s networking team. He wrote significant parts of the Azure compute and network controller stack where he saw Azure grow from a hundred-odd server to millions of nodes in just a few years. After leaving Microsoft he realized that such hyper-scale automation techniques have not made their way outside of companies like AWS, Microsoft, and Google. This led Venkat to form DuploCloud with a goal to bring the hyper-scale automation techniques to main street IT.

No-Code / Low code trends for 2022

The DevOps skills shortage will only continue to grow, accelerating the need for no-code / low code solutions. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that by 2026, the shortage of engineers in the US will exceed 1.2M. In addition, only 39.6% of candidates for DevOps job openings fully meet employers’ requirements.

  • Companies will continue to move away from Cloud-First to Cloud-Only. Infrastructure-as-Code low-code and even no-code platforms will make it increasingly simple (and a smart business move) for organizations without cloud-savvy DevOps engineers to migrate to the cloud and unlock new opportunities for innovation and productivity.
  • NoOps is on the rise. Despite the improvements and continued market demand for container orchestration frameworks like Kubernetes, the learning curve is not getting any easier. The steep learning curve, paired with the continued IT skills shortage, accelerates the need for simpler, more automated solutions. Eventually, operations workflows will become fully automated with minimal need for manual intervention. (source and source).
  • Bringing products to market is getting easier. New startups are going from $0 to $1B in less time because they don't have to reinvent the wheel because of technological innovations like no-code/low code. No-code/low code platforms enable non-technical business experts to create software in the domains they know best, without requiring coding knowledge. Experts who were previously locked out of a business idea because they lacked the coding expertise can now get started with minimal coding knowledge. *IT security teams should be most concerned that their application and infrastructure has been deployed per security and compliance standards for their industry, whether they believe the company qualifies for it or not. Security will go hand-in-hand during provisioning rather than an afterthought. More and more businesses are wanting to go online, so startup solutions selling to these companies must have these standards included, and be certified according to the latest security standard for the given industry.

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