5/12/2014 2:00:51 PM
Latest Firefox OS 1.3 Release Helps Game Developers Improve User Experience
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Latest Firefox OS 1.3 Release Helps Game Developers Improve User Experience

Richard Harris Richard Harris in HTML5 Monday, May 12, 2014

Mozilla has released the next update to Firefox OS which offers app developers the arrival of new platform technologies such as WebGLasm.js and WebAudio for creating more immersive games with better audio effects.

Highlights from the release:

Improved support for Graphics and Gaming: The update will ship WebGL, asm.js and WebAudio support allowing developers to bring engaging gaming experiences to Firefox OS phones.

Experiment with NFC: This update includes NFC enablers starting with the availability of the WebNFC API. Developers will be able to begin experimenting with NFC pairing and tag reading in their apps, with additional NFC functionality coming in future updates.

Improved Gecko Platform Capabilities with new WebAPIs: The release is based on Gecko 28 and includes several new WebAPIs. Shared workers enable more data processing and resource sharing so developers can write faster apps. Among the new APIs, SpeakerManager gives developers access to the phone’s speaker allowing apps to be listened to without headphones. The WebIccManager API, which allows support for multiple SIM cards, has also been updated. These new APIs continue to build more functionality and features into the Web for app development.

Audio Streaming with RTSP: Firefox has built the RTSP streaming framework and has completed support for audio streaming allowing developers to leverage their existing music technologies to target Firefox OS users.

For more details about this Firefox OS update, see the release notes.

Read more: https://blog.mozilla.org/futurereleases/2014/05/08...