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6/21/2018 10:42:28 AM
Javascript based mobile app framework Native gets bumped to 4.0
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Javascript based mobile app framework Native gets bumped to 4.0


Javascript based mobile app framework Native gets bumped to 4.0

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Progress' mobile cross-platform development solution NativeScript is being updated to version 4.0 adding integrations with Vue.js, Angular.js, and more.

The open-source Javascript based framework for delivering cross-platform native iOS and Android apps - NativeScript 4.0 from Progress has been announced. With a new development workflow, support for advanced navigation scenarios and deeper integration with Vue.js, NativeScript 4.0 aims to let developers create cross-platform mobile apps faster.

With nearly 70% of the developer population (approx. 21 million worldwide) selecting JavaScript as the development language of choice, NativeScript empowers developers to create cross-platform, native iOS and Android apps using their existing skillsets with the technologies they prefer - Angular, Vue.js, TypeScript or JavaScript. The latest release of NativeScript features new core framework enhancements and plugins as well as tooling updates designed to help developers boost productivity throughout the development lifecycle.

Angular Schematics Support / Streamlined Development Workflow

With NativeScript 4.0, Angular developers benefit from a reduced barrier to entry as NativeScript now provides official support for processes and tooling for building web and mobile apps with the Angular CLI, all from a single code base. This enables developers to add native mobile projects to existing Angular and web projects by reusing an existing code base. This also includes support for Angular Schematics, the workflow tool focused on ease of use and development, extensibility and reusability, atomicity and asynchronicity.

NativeScript also supports many commonly used advanced navigation scenarios to build truly native mobile workflows. Developers can use any view as the root of their applications. Previously, the root of the app was a frame which could be navigated using pages. Now developers have the flexibility to put a TabView or a RadSideDrawer as the root of the app.

LiveSync with Webpack

NativeScript developers can now enable LiveSync with Webpack simultaneously. This allows for better development experience as developers can Webpack an application as part of the development process. This will make identifying and addressing issues earlier in the development lifecycle, prior to going into release mode, easier.

Asset Generation/Updated Templates

While asset generation was previously a common problem for developers, the latest release of NativeScript is now able to generate icons and splash screens based on a single high-resolution image, as chosen by the developer. This saves time by eliminating the need for image editing.

In addition, as part of its integration with Progress Kinvey BaaS, NativeScript now provides a new template that makes authentication with different single sign-on providers easy. The best way to take advantage of the new template is through NativeScript Sidekick. Sidekick takes care of setting up the Kinvey BaaS configuration and provides a nice login view out-of-the-box. This and other NativeScript app templates are available now in the NativeScript Marketplace.

Vue.js Integration

NativeScript has expanded functionality for Vue.js developers, empowering code sharing capabilities. This further enables developers to leverage their existing Vue.js skillset to create cross-platform applications.

“It is no secret that building high-quality mobile apps requires native capabilities. NativeScript puts those capabilities into the hands of a large population of developers who want to use their skills in JavaScript, Angular, TypeScript or Vue.js to build the next wave of modern mobile apps,” said Dmitri Tcherevik, Chief Technology Officer, Progress. “The latest release of NativeScript continues our mission to empower those developers to create high-impact and high-performing iOS and Android apps faster and easier than ever before.”

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