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3/22/2014 3:53:22 PM
Google Adds New Analytics to AdMob App Monetization Platform
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Google Adds New Analytics to AdMob App Monetization Platform

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Google Adds New Analytics to AdMob App Monetization Platform

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Google has announced the full integration of Google Analytics in the AdMob interface. The service is available on a new Analyze tab. 

Along with the new intergration there are a new set of features including a new drop down menu to switch between individual apps reports, new home page with combined Google Analytics nd AdMob reporting, and a new Analyze tab with all Google Analytics reports

The new home tab in AdMob will now incorporate data on how an app is monetizing as well as how it is performing overall with insights on in app purchase, traffic and ads metrics in an app.

To get started developers can login or open a new account on AdMob and sign up for Google Analytics in the new Analyze tab. Current Google Analytics users can link to their existing account with AdMob in the Analyze tab and new users to Google Analytics can sign up via AdMob and complete the process without leaving the interface.

Google has also announced the ability to enable content experiments providing the ability to set up and run experiments to change anything from in-app promotions to menu layout. This allows developers to modify app configurations for existing users without having to ship a new version.

To get started with Google Tag Manager developers can sign up for an account and create a mobile container, then download the SDK for either Android or iOS. When it is time to dynamically change an app, use the Google Tag Manager interface to start configuring using the “Publish” button to push rules and configurations to users.

Read more: http://analytics.blogspot.com/2014/03/new-tools-to...

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