3/18/2014 10:00:46 AM
Goo Technologies Releases Beta of Goo Create HTML5 Gaming Graphics Platform
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Goo Technologies Releases Beta of Goo Create HTML5 Gaming Graphics Platform

Richard Harris Richard Harris in HTML5 Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Goo Technologies has announced the release of the open beta version of Goo Create, a platform for high-end web graphics. The platform features a new UI design for improved workflow, and a new data model to improve performance and flexibility and strengthen the robustness of the platform.

Goo enables seamless instant and interactive 2D and 3D game experiences directly in the browser allowing developers to deliver games as-a-service, in the browser. In addition to new revenue resources and reducing costs of development and maintenance the Goo platform allows developers to publish in all web channels and on all devices including computers, tablets, smartphones and smart TVs. 

Goo Create allows developers to create interactive web graphics with smoothness and sophistication. Professional, high-end 3D visualizations can be created and published online using HTML5, without any downloads or plug-ins, all accessible for any device supporting WebGL in HTML5. Goo Create uses cloud-based software available through a browser, where web graphics can be crafted without the use of code.

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