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7/10/2024 9:29:52 AM
EU says Apple breached DMA regulations
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EU says Apple breached DMA regulations


EU says Apple breached DMA regulations

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

EU says Apple breached DMA regulations as Apple has become the first target of the EU's new digital competition rules aimed at big tech. The European Commission accuses Apple of preventing app developers from directing users to cheaper options outside its App Store, violating the Digital Markets Act. This landmark case marks the start of the EU's enforcement efforts.

The AP is among outlets reporting that Apple becomes first target of EU’s new digital competition rules aimed at big tech, reporting: “European Union regulators leveled their first charges under the bloc’s new digital competition rulebook, accusing Apple of preventing app makers from pointing users to cheaper options outside its App Store. The European Commission said that according to the preliminary findings of its investigation, the restrictions that the iPhone maker imposes on developers using its mobile App Store had breached the 27-nation bloc’s Digital Markets Act. The rulebook, also known as the DMA, is a sweeping set of regulations aimed at preventing tech “gatekeepers” from cornering digital markets under threat of heavy financial penalties. The commission opened an initial round of investigations after it took effect in March, including a separate ongoing probe into whether Apple is doing enough to allow iPhone users to easily change web browsers, and other cases involving Google and Meta.” (Story continues online.)

EU says Apple breached DMA regulations

Approov’s CEO, a mobile app security expert who was tapped by the EU this year to testify on DMA mobile app security matters, offers perspective. "Apple is likely to continue its public relations efforts to highlight the changes it has made and to argue that its practices are in line with the DMA. This includes claims that over 99% of developers would pay the same or less in fees under the new business terms. However on MacBooks, developers can distribute software directly to users without going through Apple, avoiding any fees. The 30% fee on iPhone apps is Apple's commission for distribution through their App Store platform. This allegedly covers costs like payment processing, hosting, and review processes, yet all of these functions are safely completed by alternative solutions on the MacBook. In the end, while regulations like the DMA and DMCC aim to foster competition and fairness, the intrinsic culture of Apple and its pursuit of market dominance will ensure that the primary efforts will be at circumventing regulatory frameworks in their quest for growth," said Ted Miracco, CEO, Approov.

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