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Dynatrace expands AWS visibility and contextual problem analysis
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Dynatrace expands AWS visibility and contextual problem analysis

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Cloud Services Wednesday, November 28, 2018

As enterprises are rapidly expanding their cloud footprint to support the development of cloud-native applications and the modernization of IT operations, Dynatrace is providing a single platform to deal with the scale and complexity of the enterprise cloud, providing teams with intelligence to manage their cloud operations.

Dynatrace has announced the extension of the platform’s cloud visibility and contextual data ingestion from Amazon Web Services (AWS) with Amazon CloudWatch (CloudWatch) and AWS CloudTrail (CloudTrail). The addition of AWS metrics and events from the two services enriches the high-fidelity data that Dynatrace processes, further enhancing contextual problem identification and root cause analysis. Enterprises can enhance their enterprise cloud visibility within a single platform, get immediate answers, and shift the focus from troubleshooting to accelerating innovation and digital transformation.

“Enterprises are rapidly expanding their cloud footprint to support the development of cloud-native applications and the modernization of IT operations,” said Steve Tack, SVP Product Management at Dynatrace. “Dynatrace was purpose-built to deal with the scale and complexity of the enterprise cloud, providing teams with intelligence to manage their cloud operations with a single platform. Ultimately, with CloudWatch, our customers can gain additional context, which when combined with our full-stack, AI powered monitoring capabilities, allows for faster and more precise answers.”

CloudTrail allows businesses to monitor and log account activity related to actions across their AWS infrastructure. CloudTrail log ingestion extends Dynatrace AI’s automated root cause analysis and problem detection to include AWS account-initiated activity. This data provides ops teams with insights into not just what caused a problem, but also which user or account made service-impacting changes. Without the support of CloudTrail, problem resolution would require reviewing data in multiple tools and time-consuming manual correlation of change management logs with problem reports.

“We’re excited to be working with Dynatrace to expand the breadth and depth of insights that our users can glean in their enterprise cloud environments,” said Sam Koppes, Senior Product Manager, AWS CloudTrail, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “By combining data from Amazon CloudWatch and AWS CloudTrail with Dynatrace’s software intelligence platform, businesses can gain enhanced visibility into their cloud infrastructure running on AWS.”

“It doesn’t matter where applications are hosted, on-premises or in the cloud, Dynatrace can provide visibility into virtually every part of these highly-complex environments. This visibility is crucial for understanding the full impact on production operations and application performance issues,” continued Tack. “By accessing and utilizing the wealth of data offered by Amazon CloudWatch and AWS CloudTrail, Dynatrace allows enterprises to automate operations and accelerate their DevOps initiatives.”

Dynatrace is a Platinum Sponsor of AWS re:Invent 2018, taking place in Las Vegas, from November 26–30, 2018. Dynatrace’s Andreas Grabner will speak on Thursday, November 29, at the 1:45PM PT session titled, “Shift-Left SRE: Self-Healing with AWS Lambda Functions.” Attendees can explore how to leverage AWS Lambda Functions as “remediation as code,” by joining the session or visiting Dynatrace at booth 2324 at the Venetian, or 301 at the Quad at Aria.


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