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4/17/2017 1:28:01 PM
DevOps maturity report from Atlassian
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DevOps maturity report from Atlassian


DevOps maturity report from Atlassian

Monday, April 17, 2017

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Culture is the foundation of DevOps in Maturity Survey Results according to xMatters and Atlassian.

xMatters, a provider of integration-driven collaboration to proactively resolve issues, and Atlassian Corporation PLC, a provider of team collaboration and productivity software, have announced the results of their DevOps Maturity Survey.

To analyze the maturity level of DevOps teams, the survey measured more than 1,000 respondents in five categories, including culture and alignment, design and architecture, continuous delivery, operations and support, and testing and verification. The survey results show that while companies have embraced the culture and processes to enable DevOps, they are still struggling to achieve the full benefits.

Key takeaways:

- Culture: Culture is the code that runs great teams. In the survey, 81% of Dev and Ops teams share information and tools, but often with limited access. However, only 17% provide open access to information without time restrictions, underscoring that companies must transition from tools-first to team-first organizations.

- Monitoring: Organizations monitor everything, but they aren’t prioritizing and using data to improve business processes. Only 64% of teams surveyed said their monitoring systems predict issues before users are affected.

- Continuous Delivery: Testing is insufficient to stop issues from reaching production. Forty-two percent of businesses report minor issues still have to be addressed after code is released. Most enterprises don't test with production environment’s hostility or data, often leading minor issues once it’s in front of customers

- Major Incident Management: Most teams lack consistent processes and rely on manual processes for keeping stakeholders informed during major incidents. Fifty percent of respondents say their tools, processes and steps vary from incident to incident. Companies are becoming more diligent at preventing major incidents, but less catastrophic issues still persist.

About 65% of companies say they are achieving the benefits they expect from DevOps, but a maturity gap remains.

“Companies are still not achieving the maturity they expected in their DevOps strategy,” stated Abbas Haider Ali, CTO at xMatters. “To open collaboration and prevent incidents from reaching live environments, companies need to chain their systems together to share data along with messages. Technology is starting to meet the culture of collaboration; however, when organizations match these two aspects of their business, DevOps will meet its promise.”

"DevOps closes on its first decade of existence with significant momentum, as the majority of organizations are sharing tools across teams and effectively breaking down silos. But it has reached a point where teams are experiencing DevOps growing pains," stated Sean Regan, Head of Product Marketing for Software Teams at Atlassian. "The promises of DevOps are great: faster time to market, enhanced customer experiences, fewer incidents, quicker resolution times and greater innovation. But to truly reap these benefits, teams need to move beyond the tools and begin to embrace knowledge sharing."

Read more: https://www.atlassian.com/blog/devops/devops-cultu...

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