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Developers and Advertisers Reach Over 550 Million Monthly Mobile Users Through Yahoo Gemini
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Developers and Advertisers Reach Over 550 Million Monthly Mobile Users Through Yahoo Gemini

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Monetize Thursday, December 11, 2014

Yahoo have given both developers and advertisers access to use Yahoo Gemini in efforts to promote advertiser apps across the Yahoo network. The apps can be promoted on both the Yahoo network and other platforms to fully engage consumers. Advertisers of Yahoo Gemini have a chance to reach over 550 million monthly mobile users. 

Advertisers can also appear on popular apps such as Tumblr, Yahoo mobile web, Tumblr, Yahoo News Digest, and Yahoo Weather. There is also access for premium content sites through Yahoo Recommends.

Yahoo Gemini is a combination of audience targeting, native ads and high quality content. Users can ensure the application can stand out. Consumers who use branded apps and developers who are looking to reach new users for gaming apps can also use Yahoo Gemini for app installation of ads. The Yahoo Gemini app install ads are convenient solutions for use and app promotion.

The API for developers allows the organization to automate programmatically. Developers can manage complex account campaigns, bids, ads and more. Campaigns using Yahoo Gemini can be optimized by targeting based on gender, interests, location, device and language. The API can be effective in evaluation and measurement.

Millions of mobile apps are being used by consumers. The Gemini app install ads compliment the suite of tools Yahoo currently offers to brands and developers. Developers can benefit by increasing their brand presence within an already over saturated market. Developers and advertisers can also target best-in-class insights and measurement. 

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