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Found in 2011, Chirp GPS is the oldest, and the best mobile GPS tracking app on the planet for Apple iOS, and Android devices - plus it works on the web too.

Over 8 years of technology built into Chirp GPS. Our app not only lets you locate people, but it does it in real-time and displays other important information you need to know too, like speed, history, weather, crime, and so much more.

How our GPS tracker & locator works

Once you download Chirp GPS onto your mobile (iOS, or Android), you will pair with people. We have simple Bluetooth pairing, or "Code pairing" - where you send a code to someone, they enter it, and viola - you are paired and can now find each other anywhere!

Our GPS technology uses your device sensors to locate your position on a map so others can see it. And since we know where you are on the map, why not also let someone see the crime around the area you are in, oh - and the weather too! 

Speed, the distance away from you, battery level, if you are driving, walking, or just sitting still is all available to you too. And the location reporting we offer is also like no other app. We give you 365 days to generate reports you can download to your computer for safekeeping or eh-hum, taxes.

There are so many uses for Chirp GPS we can't list all of the capabilities our app offers in this post. But here are some of the highlights.

Use Chirp GPS Family & Friend Locator to:

* View the realtime location of anyone on a private map, even if they don’t have Chirp GPS installed.

* View location history, speed history, direction, elevation, battery level status, GPS strength, distance, weather, altimeter, crime, regional, and weather data

* Receive realtime alerts when friends or family arrive home, work, or anywhere you want to set a boundary for

* Turn-by-turn directions to anyone

* Lock Chirp GPS and turn it into a dedicated tracking device that can’t be shut off

* Send “panic emergency alerts” to friends, family, or other important people you choose, that broadcasts your realtime location for 24 hours

* Private messaging

* Create meet up places and invite friends.

* Broadcast your location for specified periods

* One-tap check-ins

* Use on the website too for desktop displays

* Drop pins on the map, save and share GPS locations

* Full-screen car MAP HUD view with on-screen compass, altimeter, and speed

* Switch between GPS satellite and GPS street views

* Track and follow friends or family across any carrier or device type

* Real-time monitoring of anyone's location

* Track everyone at one time, fullscreen

* Block individual people from GPS tracking you

* Find out if someone is GPS locating or GPS tracking you

* Send a wake-up ping to someone to have them check-in or come online

* Track a stolen or lost phone with high decibel noise

* Best in the industry, always-on GPS location tracking with low energy impact you control

* Military grade, encrypted GPS tracking and following with full data output

GPS Tracking for businesses & fleets

Chirp GPS for business is the high security, mission-critical version of the popular Chirp GPS mobile app for iOS and Android. It is targeted at fleet owners, business owners, sales team leads, security professionals, military teams and agencies, professional management services, and others, where on-demand, live GPS tracking, in a highly secure and encrypted environment is required.

Our mobile tracking technology is currently in use and trusted by certain branches of the US military, and law enforcement because of it’s accuracy, ease of deployment, and overall cost savings when compared to large dedicated systems that perform the same tasks as Chirp GPS High Security.

Chirp GPS For Business is an all-business, no-nonsense level of mobile GPS tracking.

Chirp GPS For Business offers everything Chirp Premium has, plus the following:

Highly encrypted data streams on dedicated channels
Distance measurements down to 1’ away
Enhanced accuracy with extremely low latency location tracking, less than a 5-second delay
The ability to know when someone is tracking you
Search matrix
Fleet management including group permissions
Fleet and team brandable
Website management
Advanced reporting capability
Mass message to groups from website
24 hour 7 day a week support


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