1. Business solution built for Unity 3D
4/21/2020 12:30:42 PM
Business solution built for Unity 3D
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Business solution built for Unity 3D

Business solution built for Unity 3D

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Monetize Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Beamable is a new business built upon Disruptor Beam technology that will ease the enabling of sophisticated commerce and social features for millions of game-makers around the world.

One of the greatest challenges faced by game-makers is balancing precious resources: it is the tension between creating what they and their players love, and the need to include complex business functionality. Launching today, Beamable is a new enterprise that enables game-makers to turn their products into scalable, sustainable businesses by incorporating best-of-class commerce and social functionality.

“Our team has a background creating games for millions of people that are known for their  deep social ties and strong unit economics,” said Jon Radoff, CEO of Beamable. “Our passion is helping the game-making community benefit from what we’ve learned and built.”

Beamable consists of two main components:

  • A cloud-based service architecture (SaaS) that enables in-game storefronts, merchandising, content management, and rich social interactions for players—built to scale to as large a population of players as needed.
  • A front-end technology that bridges the gap between the backend services, the Unity 3D editor environment, and the live game experience—to make it easier to create, maintain and deliver sustainable games.

"Other products we've investigated are just middleware," said Markus Weichselbaum, CEO of Tap Slots. “Beamable is fully-integrated with Unity, including user interfaces that work in both the Unity 3D editor and game clients. This saves us massive amounts of time we'd otherwise spend in the guts of the technology and rediscovering best practices, instead of doing what we need to do: designing great games."

According to market research firm Newzoo, the game industry will approach $200 billion in revenue by 2022. Although games continue to thrive amidst the global crisis of 2020, game studios frequently struggle to meet the demands of their players while also investing in business systems that can support their growth.

“Investors are currently looking for bright spots in a troubled economy,” said Tim Wright, general partner at GrandBanks Capital. “Games are going to do well no matter what the conditions, but the process of developing them has always suffered from costly reinvention. We see parallels between what Beamable has set out to accomplish in gaming, and what Shopify has done to transform e-commerce.”

Beamable is currently available via an “Early Access” program, and open to games that are live, or plan to launch in the next 12 months. Sign up at beamable.com.

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