1. Building smarter and cheaper IoT deployments with Particle
2/21/2018 10:23:13 AM
Building smarter and cheaper IoT deployments with Particle
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Building smarter and cheaper IoT deployments with Particle

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Richard Harris Richard Harris

IoT local networking solution releases new dev kit to help enterprises solve the problem of device orchestration.

Particle introduced their Particle Mesh development kits for pre-order. Particle Mesh creates local networks that collect data, share messages and connect to the Internet. Particle Mesh is uniquely built to solve the IoT issues many companies run into while building connected products.

Historically, IoT devices connect directly to the cloud through cellular or Wi-Fi communication and depend on the cloud to relay messages between devices. This approach is not optimal for all use cases as it requires all devices to be Wi-Fi or LTE connected, which can create added cost, power demands and downtime. Particle Mesh enables developers to create local networks with low-cost, low-power devices that communicate with one another, then back to a single Wi-Fi or LTE connected gateway to the cloud. This also instills redundancy so if one endpoint fails the network automatically self-heals to the nearest device with no downtime or lost data.

With Particle you can build:

  • Connected Breweries that measure each step in the beer-making process

  • Swarm Robotics that coordinate their movements in real time

  • Connected Gardens that only water the plants that are thirsty

  • Smart School Buses that track fleets to give parents and school municipalities peace of mind on snowy roads

Particle features both hardware and an OS/device cloud to allow for more intelligent deployments that not only connect seamlessly, but capture your most important data to make the IoT smarter.

"In the six years we've been supporting IoT creators, we're honored to have helped more than 150,000 creators bring their products online - and learned a lot about the toughest problems that innovators encounter," said Zach Supalla, Particle co-founder and CEO. "We built Particle Mesh to address a gap in the market: building local networks to connect IoT products to each other without being a networking guru. We're excited to see what problems our customers solve with this new technology."

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