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7/17/2017 2:13:16 PM
Avocarrot Unified SSP for mobile is launched from Glispa
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Avocarrot Unified SSP for mobile is launched from Glispa


Avocarrot Unified SSP for mobile is launched from Glispa

Monday, July 17, 2017

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Avocarrot Unified SSP, Glispa releases a combination of a powerful user data profiling platform, reaching over a billion users, with a programmatic exchange and a mediation engine.

Following the announcement of its fourth strategic acquisition, Glispa Global Group, a mobile ad tech company, unveils its newest product offering, Avocarrot, the full-service monetization platform which serves all types of mobile in-app advertising, both programmatic and performance-based. The new platform offers full transparency, control, and ease of use to boost and achieve monetization goals.

Over the last two years, Glispa, an independent player in the mobile ad tech industry, has invested its tech product resources in this project, which aims to change the way app owners and developers monetize their assets. The new platform rolls out added functionality from Ampiri, Glispa’s mediation platform that empowers app developers to gain transparency and control over mobile app inventory, and Glispa’s Audience Platform (GAP), the user data profiling platform built from the ground up by the company’s team of data scientists and big-data engineers.

This all-in-one solution enables app developers to maximize their monetization potential by allowing them to mediate between brand and performance sources. This means they no longer need to choose between CPM and CPI models. The new Avocarrot SSP is connected with more than 50 DSPs for RTB brand demand, and has access to many ad networks for CPI campaigns. Everything, including ad network mediation and programmatic exchange, is interconnected under one roof, providing tools to achieve the best monetization potential possible.

This increased ad revenue is paired with an improved user experience. GAP’s advanced data analysis is core to enhanced targeting and allows Avocarrot to provide actionable data to better match ads. This sophisticated approach to audience segmentation for marketers allows behavioral targeting for Glispa’s global advertisers, in addition to demographic targeting, which ensures a better user experience and engagement rates by utilizing native ads.

Glispa has a global reach of over 1 billion users and, using big data, GAP crunches over 450 billion ad events per month in real time. The telco grade, fully-stacked platform analyzes and normalizes data for dynamic targeting as the machine learning algorithm turns raw data into automatic user insights.

The Avocarrot product can be used by anyone with its simple-to-use UI accompanied by slice and dice analytics. It removes the complexity and lengthy process of native ad integration so developers of any level of expertise can have native ads tailored to their app in minutes. Experienced monetization experts can drill into low level granular segmentation to find relevant native and video inventory, while others can receive a more high level overview. The powerful platform allows advertisers the option to automate selections to have the desired level of control.

“With this launch, we now have the leading native monetization platform for app developers,” said Itamar Benedy, CRO at Glispa. “The combination of programmatic brand budgets with CPI performance budgets in a fully transparent environment is a true game changer. When connecting that to our global reach and presence, this will allow app developers and owners to aim much higher.”

“The concept that superior user experience and effective monetization goals cannot coexist is a thing of the past. With our unified new SSP, one of the app world’s biggest pain points has taken a huge step towards being resolved,” said Freddy Friedman, Chief Product Officer at Glispa.

Read more: https://www.glispa.com

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