6/13/2015 12:05:02 PM
Automic Launches Online Marketplace for Business Application Automation
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Automic Launches Online Marketplace for Business Application Automation

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Programming Saturday, June 13, 2015

Automic has announced the new Automic PlugIn Marketplace providing the ability to, buy, download or contribute plugins to drive automation for enterprises.
The Automic PlugIn Marketplace enables users to access, or request new solutions that can be shared with the broader community. The platform can either be accessed via front end or via the Github backend.
On launch, the Automic PlugIn Marketplace features hundreds of business automation templates and solutions for enterprise automation needs including workload automation, service orchestration, DevOps initiatives, big data operations and social media outreach. DevOps engineers can also access a broad range of open-source containers to facilitate rapid application release automation.
Users are able to provide ratings, reviews and feedback on existing plugins, get support and request new plugins.

Read more: https://marketplace.automic.com/browse