1. Augumenta Offers New Functionality to Enterprise Smartglass SDK
6/16/2015 12:05:06 PM
Augumenta Offers New Functionality to Enterprise Smartglass SDK
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Augumenta Offers New Functionality to Enterprise Smartglass SDK

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Mobile Tech Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Augumenta has released new functionality to its Software Development Kit (SDK) for enterprise smartglasses applications. The platform now offers the integration of gesture control and smart surfaces, providing the basis for an enhanced and more productive user interface for augmented reality work spaces.

The SDK is being used on a number of smart glasses, such as Google Glass, Epson BT-200, ODG R-6 and ChipSiP SiME, and also works with AR and gaming toolkits that also require a real-time camera access.

The Augumenta SDK, which supports application development on all camera-equipped
smartglasses, also now provides several types of virtual surfaces. Smart Controls include buttons, switches and sliders that can be used in applications that control either virtual or real-world devices, such as machines on a shop floor. Virtual keyboards in numeric pad, qwerty and special alphanumeric configurations allow fast, ‘in the air’ entry of data and commands.

With this release developers can also integrate application navigation and control using eight gestures, as well as gesture combinations, with virtual controls and data entry features. Controls may be used individually, or grouped on a single screen view to provide an interface tailored to specific applications. Keyboards are also user configurable from commonly-used language formats to character-based languages. The SDK also provides a freehand drawing tool.

The Augumenta SDK provides gesture control and smart surface functionality using single camera, 2D machine vision. Applications running on any camera-equipped
smartglass platform can support both gesture and smart surface interaction, providing a broad potential market for developers to monetize applications.

The Augumenta SDK supports development on any smartglass platform running Android, Linux and POSIX operating systems. Augumenta also provides APIs for C/C++, Java and Unity3D, as well as sample code for implementation on the Metaio, Unity and Vuforia platforms.

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