11/19/2013 6:31:41 PM
App Developers Can Now Target Twitter Ads by Device, OS Version, and WiFi
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App Developers Can Now Target Twitter Ads by Device, OS Version, and WiFi

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Marketing & Promotion Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Twitter is now letting advertiser’s segment audiences on iOS and Android by operating system version, specific device, and WiFi connectivity. The company is also introducing granular reporting analytics for those targeting types across all campaigns.

Previously, Twitter offered advertisers the ability to reach mobile users by targeting only their operating system. The increased granularity in mobile targeting can help app developers reach users in a more segmented approach.

Developers can now market their apps to users who have compatible OS versions focusing on device types for app usage with high connectivity to prompt a new download or re-engagement through an app card. The ability to target devices can allow the targeting of users with device models that are indicative of demographics which align with a specific campaign goal.

The new granular reporting opportunities can provide more focused insight into the OS versions and specific devices of users engaging with marketing campaigns and help provide feedback for future campaigns.

The targeting capability is available at ads.twitter.com under the standard mobile targeting filters in campaign setup. It will also be available through Twitter Ads API partners at some point in the future.

For more information visit the link below.

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