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12/12/2023 1:41:31 PM
App developer trends for 2024 according to Kochava
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App developer trends for 2024 according to Kochava


App developer trends for 2024 according to Kochava

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Ethan Lewis from Kochava discusses the key trends propelling the app industry forward in 2024 including AI and ML apps, the potential for VR and AR apps, the growth of m-commerce apps, the opportunities developers have with media apps, approaches that save developers time and money and tons more.

Ethan Lewis is the CTO of Kochava, the real-time data solutions company for omnichannel attribution and measurement, and Vaunt, an open-source community engagement tool that helps organizations grow their developer communities. He discusses the rapid growth of the app industry and what’s next for application developers.

What’s next for software developers and apps? The future is yours to code!

The world of software and apps is constantly evolving. The app market is now a multi-billion dollar industry with no signs of slowing down. This rapid growth provides more opportunities for developers to build innovative new apps while following their passion. As an app developer, it's important to stay on top of trends to build innovative and engaging user experiences.

A few key trends propelling the app industry forward include:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML): AI and ML are enabling apps that can understand speech, images, and user behavior. Apps with AI are getting smarter and more useful.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR): VR and AR apps are creating immersive experiences for gaming, shopping, education, and more. The potential for VR and AR apps is huge.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT): With more smart devices connecting to the internet, there are lots of possibilities for new IoT apps to control smart homes, healthcare devices, and automated systems.
  • Mobile Commerce: As more people get comfortable making purchases on their phones, the market for m-commerce apps continues to grow. Retailers need apps to reach customers and boost sales.
  • Streaming Media: The popularity of streaming audio and video services means more opportunities for developers to build media apps for listening to music, watching TV shows, playing podcasts, and other streaming media.
  • Open-Source Technology: This is built around the core principles of transparency, collaboration, and community-driven innovation. These principles allow developers and product users to collaborate and contribute to a project and enable them to further develop the product to suit their specific needs.
  • The rise of cross-platform and progressive web apps is also enabling developers to build apps once and deploy them across multiple platforms. This "build once, deploy everywhere" approach saves time and money while providing a better user experience.

From an overall organizational structure perspective to provide a more efficient and effective approach to advancing the state of a focus on enhancing developer experiences, leveraging AI for intelligent applications, democratizing access to advanced technologies, and adapting to regulatory changes in the app store landscape.

  • Platform Engineering: engineering teams will be structured to focus on building and operating self-service internal platforms, managed by dedicated product teams. This aims to optimize developer experience, accelerate business value delivery, and reduce cognitive load. It also improves developers’ ability to independently run, manage, and develop applications while ensuring reliability and security, and enhancing key talent retention through improved developer experiences.
  • Intelligent Applications: as AI increases and the integration of Generative AI to make applications more intelligent, standards will be developed to ensure AI can be used automatically to interface with other apps. It utilizes data from transactions and external sources to provide insights into the applications. Shifts from procedural features to AI-driven predictions and recommendations, tailoring apps to users and advancing data-driven decision-making, thereby, transforming the experience for customers, users, product owners, architects, and developers.
  • Generative AI: democratization of access to generative AI across the organization. Potential to automate a broad range of tasks, reducing costs and fostering growth opportunities. Transforms the competitive landscape for enterprises and facilitates the democratization of information and skills across various roles and business functions. Enables access to vast sources of information through natural language conversational interfaces. Increased accessibility to vast knowledge centers is the key trend.
  • Third-Party App Stores: changes in regulations lead major platforms to allow third-party app stores on their operating systems. Anticipated increase in larger publishers establishing their markets. Reflects a shift in the app store ecosystem, providing new opportunities and challenges for both platform operators and app developers.
What are the key skills application developers need for the future

What are the key skills application developers need for the future?

To stay ahead of the curve as an app developer, you’ll need to focus on honing certain skills. The app landscape is constantly changing, so continuing to strengthen these abilities will ensure you remain in demand.

Coding languages

Having a strong grasp of languages like Java, Swift, Python, Go, and SQL is essential. These languages power many of today’s popular apps and platforms. Stay up-to-date with the latest versions and capabilities of each language. Take online courses or tutorials to strengthen your skills.

User experience design

User experience design

Creating an engaging user experience (UX) is key. Learn skills like prototyping, wireframing, and user flow mapping. Stay on top of trends in UX design by following leaders in the field. A clean, intuitive interface and seamless user experience can make or break an app.

Data analysis

Today’s apps generate huge amounts of data. Know how to analyze data to uncover usage patterns and insights to improve your app. Skills like A/B testing, behavioral analysis, and cohort analysis are useful for optimizing the performance and experience of your app.

AI and machine learning

AI and machine learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are rapidly changing app development. Gain knowledge of natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, and recommendation systems. These skills will allow you to build apps that can understand speech, recognize images, and provide personalized suggestions. AI and ML are the future, so start learning now.

Growth hacking

While building a great app is important, getting people to use the app is key. Growth hacking skills like social media marketing, SEO optimization, and referral programs can help skyrocket downloads and gain new users. Stay up-to-date with the latest growth strategies and tools to spread the word about your creation.

Continuously improving these skills will ensure you remain a top app developer, ready to create the next big thing. The future is bright for developers who never stop learning.

So what does the future hold for apps and the developers who build them? A lot more of the same, just bigger and better. With advancements in AI, apps will get to know us even better and tailor experiences to our unique needs. For developers, the opportunities are endless. The future of apps is bright - the future of apps is whatever you have the creativity and skill to build. The future is yours to code.

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