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7/2/2024 11:04:18 AM
AI Localizer translation tool for code from Wide Angle Software
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AI Localizer translation tool for code from Wide Angle Software

Artificial Intelligence

AI Localizer translation tool for code from Wide Angle Software

Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Wide Angle Software today introduced AI Localizer, a macOS app designed to simplify and accelerate localization for iOS and macOS developers. By leveraging AI translation, AI Localizer enables developers to translate their Xcode-built apps into over 35 languages, streamlining the process and expanding global reach.

Wide Angle Software announced the launch of AI Localizer, a new macOS application designed to simplify and accelerate the localization of Xcode-built iOS and macOS applications. This tool enables developers to quickly translate their apps into over 35 languages using AI translation, allowing them to reach a global audience.

AI Localizer, an app that makes localization effortless for iOS and macOS developers

AI Localizer streamlines localization by eliminating tedious manual processes. Developers can translate their Xcode projects with a single click, choosing AI translation, Microsoft Azure, or Google Translate, or opting for manual translation. The app seamlessly manages string and catalog files, allowing for effortless addition and editing.

"We understand the challenges developers face when localizing their apps. AI Localizer removes these hurdles by providing a user-friendly interface and powerful AI technology. This enables developers to reach a global audience quickly and effortlessly," said Neil Benson, CEO of Wide Angle Software.

Key features of AI Localizer

Key features of the AI Localizer app

  • Translate Xcode projects using AI or manual translation.
  • Easily add, edit, and manage string and catalog files.
  • Add new languages or modify existing ones with ease.
  • Localize strings within SwiftUI, Storyboard, or XIB interfaces, supporting both .strings and .xcstrings file formats.
  • Optionally export translations in CSV format for manual review and re-import them into your project.
  • The app is built with developer privacy in mind with localizations performed on your computer, no data is collected by this app.
  • The app is free for manual translation. AI Translation service is available at $6.99 as an in-app purchase.

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