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Adtiles Motion Ads Looks to Shake Up Native Mobile Ads
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Adtiles Motion Ads Looks to Shake Up Native Mobile Ads

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Monetize Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pretty soon, many of the most popular apps might just be elaborate ads, packaged to entertain, published to monetize.

Adtiles is helping to blur the line between what is an integral part of an app and what is advertising with its Motion Ads product, a new solution that is being added to Adtile’s native iOS SDK, Design Desk and ad serving technology. Shake your phone in the ad to win your discount anyone?

Adtile Motion Ads are designed to take advantage of a smartphone’s GPS, gyroscope, motion coprocessor, accelerometer and digital compass for motions and gestures. Adtile has also announced a technical partnership with Yelp to support location-based functionalities through Yelp's API.

From the Adtile blog, “Users will get the familiar entertainment and discovery they are seeking from their mobile devices. They can get a full Adtile motion experience without the need to leave their app, which keeps running quietly in the background. The advertisers will get superior brand engagements as they can reward and drive delightful stories that touches people’s imagination. Motion activations can be one or combination of many for the same ad — the possibilities are endless. We are also experimenting Adtile’s Motion Ads technology with Google Glass and other wearables where we see interesting opportunities, stay tuned for more!”

A video on the Adtile site shows a smartphone user moving their phone around to interact with an ad. Drawing a heart with a gesture, moving the phone to receive a special offer, and other examples are shown. While not earth shattering in their presentation, the video demonstrates that the effectiveness of the ad format will only be limited by the ingenuity of the ad designer.

Read more: http://blog.adtile.me/2014/01/24/introducing-adtil...

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