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7/10/2015 2:09:44 PM
Facebook Releases Updated Graph API Plus New iOS and Android SDKs
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Facebook Releases Updated Graph API Plus New iOS and Android SDKs

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Facebook Releases Updated Graph API Plus New iOS and Android SDKs

Friday, July 10, 2015

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Facebook has released Graph API v2.4, its fifth versioned API release since the company committed to versioning their core APIs and SDKs last year. Facebook is also releasing updated iOS and Android SDKs designed to work with Graph API v2.4.

Here are the primary updates in this Graph API version:

- New Insights for Page videos: v2.4 includes additional metrics in the Page Insights API for tracking performance of the videos uploaded to a Page. Developers can now view information about total plays, autoplays, and paid vs. organic views.

- Additional categorization for Page videos: When uploading videos to a Page, there is now the functionality to choose a category, indicate whether the video is embeddable, and set the expiration behavior.

- Fewer default fields for faster performance: To help improve performance on mobile network connections, Facebook has reduced the number of fields that the API returns by default.

- Simplified access to Timeline posts: Accessing content from a person's Timeline has been simplified (if the person has given your app permission to do so). Instead of different object types for statuses and links, the API now returns a standardized Post node with attachments that represent the type of shared content.

- Marketing API improvements: In v2.4, Developers can use labels to tag campaigns, adsets, ads, and creatives. This helps organize ad objects, and query for insights aggregated by label. Facebook has also consolidated multiple metrics endpoints into the Marketing Insights API to improve consistency when accessing ad performance data.

There are a complete list of new features, changes, and deprecations in Facebook’s Graph API changelog and upgrade guide and the Marketing API changelog and upgrade 

Read more: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/apps/changelo...

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