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4/26/2017 9:07:35 AM
The ABBYY realtime recognition SDK for mobile app support
Real-time Customer Support App,Developer SDK
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The ABBYY realtime recognition SDK for mobile app support


The ABBYY realtime recognition SDK for mobile app support

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Real-time communication SDK for developers to integrate into their apps for customer support.

In a consumer driven markets, it is all about customer experience. Brands and developers who can deliver a consistently smooth and enjoyable CX have a greater chance to get ahead of the competition. That is why streamlining the input of information is so important - it makes the user’s life easier and your app’s performance - better. Bruce Orcutt, the vice president of product marketing and management at ABBYY, shared with us how we can make it happen using their new Real-Time Recognition SDK.

ADM: ABBYY in two sentences

Orcutt: ABBYY is a leading global provider of technologies and solutions that help businesses to action information. We set high standards in content capture technologies that integrate across the information lifecycle and have a comprehensive portfolio of tools that simplify capture, digitization, and extraction of data.

ADM: What is Real-Time Recognition SDK?

Orcutt: ABBYY Real-Time Recognition SDK is a software development kit that enables developers to create mobile applications for iOS and Android performing real-time text recognition directly on smartphone camera preview screen offline. The technology recognizes 63 natural languages and is available for enterprise and consumer applications.

Apps with Real-Time Recognition can pull text from on-screen objects and automatically convert it to digital data. Images are processed in live video stream, there is no need to take a photo and save it. Users can simply point their camera at the text and instantly lift out what they see on the screen. Recognition is performed offline. As no photos are stored on device, the technology is extremely secure and fully complies with data privacy standards.

ADM: Why do brands and developers need to use it in their apps?

Orcutt: Real-Time Recognition makes data extraction intuitive and effortless. For brands and developers, it means a better UX and CX, faster onboarding, stronger loyalty and ultimately higher business performance.

ADM: What programming languages does it support?

Orcutt: Objective-C, Java, Swift

ADM: What are the advantages of RTR SDK compared to others?

- ABBYY’s mobile capture technologies are internationally recognized as top of the line in their class when it comes to accuracy and speed.
- The technology works with the biggest number of languages on the market: 46 for a free license and 63 for an extended.
- Recognition is performed on the device, no Internet connecting needed.
- The technology provides added security as no photos are stored on the device during the recognition process.
- Available for iOS and Android.
- Very easy to integrate.
- There is a free license available.

ADM: Use cases for enterprise apps

Orcutt: With Real-Time Recognition SDK, brands can speed up their customers’ digital journey, as information from the preview screen can be captured within seconds and used in a variety of mobile applications ranging from highly responsive customer services to automated enterprise processes.

As part of customer onboarding processes such as account opening or loan application, information from ID cards, pay slips and other documents can be recognized in real time and automatically transferred into online forms or apps for new customer signups.

For customer self-services provided by banks or insurance companies, mobile apps can quickly extract and use transactional information such as bank transfer details (IBAN, BPay, SWIFT, etc.) or policy numbers in claim forms to make data entry processes more efficient. As no photos are stored on the device, the technology is well suited for processes that must comply with data security and privacy standards.

Brands can also benefit from adding real-time receipt and promo code capture to their customer loyalty applications to achieve outstanding customer experience.

The SDK is free for enterprise prototyping. To get an extended license for enterprise, representatives need to contact us by completing a short form here.
Bruce Orcutt

Bruce Orcutt, the vice president
of product marketing and
management at ABBYY

ADM: Use cases for consumer apps

Orcutt: Developers of consumer apps can add new functionality and value for their users.

Travel apps can offer fast translation assistance when images captured on preview screens can be quickly translated using mobile dictionaries.

Text reading apps for people with low vision or reading and learning disabilities can be enhanced by ‘live text input’ into their text-to-speech components.

You can download Real-Time Recognition SDK with a free license on the website http://rtrsdk.com/, and contact us regarding an extended license if you like it.

You can download Real-Time Recognition SDK with a free license on the website http://rtrsdk.com/ and contact us regarding an extended license which these scenarios require.

ADM: How do developers get started?

Orcutt: To get started, please visit our website. There you will find code samples, a quick start guide, licensing, documentation, support and, of course, the links to download the SDKs for iOS and Android. The free SDKs are fully functional, not trial or demo versions. No registration or upfront fees required.

ADM: What are the terms of commercial use and payment?

Orcutt: RTR SDK is free to use for consumer apps with up to 5,000 store installs as well as for enterprise prototyping, proof-of-concept and pilot projects.

Developers need an extended license when:

- They distribute more than 5,000 copies of the app via the App Store or Google Play
- They distribute via private/corporate mobile app stores
- They use the SDK in apps preloaded onto mobile devices (OEM), apps for banking, insurance, healthcare services, with text-to-speech, and/or ID cards recognition functionality
- In case of production use in enterprise apps

ADM: In conclusion

Orcutt: ABBYY Real-Time Recognition SDK is a perfect fit for brands and developers who are looking to boost performance of their apps by transforming the customer interaction and significantly accelerating the user's digital journey.

Read more: https://www.abbyy.com

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