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OMYO and Blingby team up to make live stream marketing a reality
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OMYO and Blingby team up to make live stream marketing a reality

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Marketing & Promotion Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Real-time live streaming and video marketing platform Blingby to team up with OMYO.

Research shows that 74% of consumers said there was a connection between watching a video on social media and their purchasing decision-making process. What if there were a better way for marketers to capitalize on such a trend? Imagine watching a Maroon5 video online and you are really liking Adam Levine’s jacket - and while watching the video, you point your cursor over the jacket. Suddenly a drop down appears with info/pic of jacket, through which you can click and purchase it right from the video. Quick, simple, and easy.

That's how Blingby hopes to leverage their advertising technology to transform the user experience for the fans of the British pop band, OMYO's music videos, concerts and more. Their viewers will have all new opportunities to purchase the British duo’s styles worn or even book a flight or hotel inspired by the video with the click or tap of a button.
OMYO’s close links to fashion retailers - ranging from New Look to Ellesse - made the band a natural fit for Blingby’s advertising capabilities. As fans watch their music videos, live performances and more, they can simultaneously watch and shop interactively through the bbstream. At a recent headline show in New York, OMYO also became the first band to use Blingby’s Live technology.
Blingby is audience agnostic, and wants to bring the pinpoint audience segmentation which has, thus far, shortchanged advertisers. They hope to empower marketers with an intelligent, engaging and advert-less platform where the video and the proprietary bbStream experience drives user interaction.
Founder and CEO of Blingby, Marcia Favale, commented on the partnership: “OMYO is right there fusing the boundaries of music and fashion. They have worked with some absolutely aspirational fashion brands - ASOS, Adidas, Ellesse, Blood Brother and more. They know exactly what their fans want to wear and OMYO is inspiring new trends. Through Blingby, OMYO can promote labels whilst maintaining creative integrity. Blingby is the platform designed to bridge that gap and make a connection between music fans and what the stars are wearing.”

Read more: http://www.blingby.com/

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