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Xojo 2016 Release 3 Ships With Loads of New Features for Making Apps
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Xojo 2016 Release 3 Ships With Loads of New Features for Making Apps

Richard Harris Richard Harris in SDK Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Austin based Xojo, Inc. has announced Xojo 2016 Release 3. With built-in support for graphics, database servers, internet protocols and more, anyone can build just about anything they can imagine with Xojo. The latest release adds compiler optimization options and refactoring features for the IDE and Code Editor, along with more than 90 total improvements and 11 new features.
Xojo 2016 Release 3 features include:
- Added Moderate and Aggressive compilation for 64-bit and ARM builds
- SQLiteDatabase upgraded to v3.14.1 and now supports FTS5 for full-text searching
- Additions to refactoring features of the IDE and Code Editor
- Save Code Editor color schemes to easily share and re-use
- ICU library included with Linux builds for improved compatibility
- Easily convert Pictures in projects to Image Sets
"This release provides the ability to adjust the level of compiler optimization, and the highest level, which is Aggressive, generates applications that are significantly faster for math intensive operations, which I do a lot of," commented Robert Birge, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at the University of Connecticut. "A long-requested capability is now available - fast compilation for debugging and slower, but highly optimized, compilation for the final application."
Xojo is available to try in a free, time-unlimited trial.

Read more: http://www.xojo.com/


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