DOES16 Opens Discounted Registration

Posted 9/9/2016 1:59:00 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

DOES16 Opens Discounted Registration
IT Revolution just announced the conference program for the 2016 DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES16). The event, which aims to identify and amplify DevOps best practices for technology leaders of large enterprises, will be held in San Francisco from November 7-9.  

For a limited time only, attendees can receive a 20 percent discount when they register to attend with the promo code:VOTEDEVOPS. The discounted registration period ends September 14, when registration rates will return to full price.

The next round of speakers added to the DOES16 conference program include:

- John Allspaw, Chief Technology Officer at Etsy
- Matthew Barr, Architect at Akamai Technologies
- Aimee Bechtle, Sr. Manager Card Technology Advanced Engineering at Capital One
- Ed Blankenship, Product Manager for Visual Studio Team Services at Microsoft
- Dominca DeGrandis, Director of Training & Coaching at LeanKit
- Damon Edwards, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at DTO Solutions
- Kevina Finn-Braun, Director of Product Infrastructure and Service Management at Intuit
- Jayne Groll, President of ITSM Academy
- Sam Guckenheimer, Group Product Planner at Microsoft
- Kaimar Karu, Head of Product Strategy and Development at Axelos
- Rosalind Radcliffe, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect for DevOps for z Systems at IBM
- J. Paul Reed, Managing Partner at Release Engineering Approaches
- Brian Timmeny, Sr. Director Card Technology Advanced Engineering at Capital One

The full program is available online and can be found here:  (  

“We have another fantastic program for attendees at DevOps Enterprise Summit San Francisco,” said Gene Kim, founder of IT Revolution and co-author of “The Phoenix Project” and upcoming “DevOps Handbook.” “Attendees will have the unique opportunity to learn from other technology leaders who are transforming their organizations, as well as some of the best experts in topics that the community has expressed interest in.”

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