BMC Releases New API for Hadoop Application Deployment

Posted 7/5/2016 1:27:13 PM by STUART PARKERSON, Publisher Emeritus

BMC Releases New API for Hadoop Application Deployment
BMC has announced the expansion of its Big Data offerings with updates to its Control-M for Hadoop solution which now offers a Control-M Automation API, designed to improve Hadoop application deployment agility. 

The Control-M Automation API is a set of programmatic interfaces for Hadoop architects, engineers, and developers to use Control-M in a self-service manner within the Agile development release process. Using JSON notation for job definitions, GIT and RESTful APIs for validation, configuration, and deployment, workflow-scheduling artifacts are integrated with preferred tools used to automate the Hadoop application release and deployment process. 

This allows Hadoop program teams to shrink the development-to-production cycle, delivering new capabilities to the business faster and increasing the value of their big data initiatives. 

The Control-M for Hadoop provides the ability to accelerate Hadoop batch workflows with the following functionality:

- Create jobs, collaborate on workflows, schedule and manage application batch processing 

- Modify jobs and view status updates on any browser based device and on mobile iOS or Android devices

- Convert existing Oozie jobs to Control-M, or use Control-M to execute jobs defined in Oozie

- Develop Control-M jobs with Command Line Interface options

- Manage workflows using a simple drag-and-drop interface with a single point of control

- Leverage proactive notifications to identify and resolve critical issues before SLAs are missed

- Easily move data between Hadoop clusters with no need to create new scripts

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