SOASTA Releases Updates to Digital Performance Management Platform

Posted 5/17/2016 2:01:58 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

SOASTA Releases Updates to Digital Performance Management Platform
SOASTA has released the latest version of its Digital Performance Management (DPM) Platform, offering advancements in front-end web and mobile performance optimization and support for open source tools and frameworks such as JMeter.

SOASTA’s DPM platform includes CloudTest for integrated load testing, mPulse for real user monitoring, TouchTest for mobile performance and functional test automation, Data Science Workbench for advanced performance analytics and SOASTA DOC for unified presentation of digital performance, as well as installation and consulting services.

Updates to SOASTA mPulse include:

- The Single Page Apps (SPA) real-user monitoring (RUM) capability receives added support for the React framework, in addition to AngularJS, Ember.js and Backbone.js.

- SOASTA is now a RUM provider to support Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), for customers moving to AMP but wanting to continue using mPulse.

- New external solution integration with partners and tools, including Rigor’s synthetic monitoring and optimization platform and Dynatrace’s APM, allowing users to pull Dynatrace APM data into mPulse. With synthetic results and RUM data correlated, a full end-to-end view of performance is provided.

SOASTA’s Data Science Workbench can now combine session information from mPulse and marketing analytics tools like Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics or Coremetrics. This “big beacon” data can be analyzed in the SOASTA Data Science Workbench to provide a more precise correlation between marketing and performance data and provide marketing campaign analytics data in real time.

SOASTA’s CloudTest platform updates include:

- Ability to test using JMeter scripts at scale, with real-time analytics, geographic distribution of test servers, and real-time control.

- Network emulation features for accurate performance tests which take into account network characteristics such as latency, jitter and lost packets. In addition, SOASTA’s network emulation feature allows testers to more accurately simulate real-world network conditions. 

- Both CloudTest and TouchTest now support version control with integration to Git and Git-compatible version control systems. With the new release, users can secure and track all changes to testing assets so that teams can make changes and stay in sync with the latest versions and even reverse a change if needed.

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