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TapJoy Releases Customized Currency for App Publisher Monetization

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12/28/2015 5:45:55 PM
TapJoy Releases Customized Currency for App Publisher Monetization
Posted Monday, December 28, 2015 by Richard Harris, Executive Editor

TapJoy Releases Customized Currency for App Publisher Monetization
TapJoy has released another app monetization platform for mobile developers with its recently released Personalized Currency Sales that allows app publishers to build and launch currency sales customized for their specific customers segements.

The program allows provides the opportunity to create personalized variables for currency sales, which are limited time promotions that offer app users the chance to earn more virtual currency than usual for every in-app advertisement engaged. It also allows developers to leverage dynamic pricing in their app monetization strategies. 

TapJoy’s Personalized Currency Sales works in the following way:

- Define Target Users: Tapjoy’s predictive app analytics and Future Value Map enables developers to target discounts to their best users automatically. There is also the ability to build customized segments based upon consumer spending habits, risk of churn, engagement levels, regions or a number of other characteristics.

- Set the Multiplier: Define how much bonus currency to award and define different multipliers for different target segments.

- Select Promotion: Different push messages and creative treatments can be delivered to individual target segments via Push-to-Earn (out of app) and Message-to-Earn (in-app) promotions.

Testing of the program has shown to deliver revenue bumps for publishers ranging from 30% to 100%.  A list of firms offering holiday sales for the Christmas period can be found here.


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