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Ads Go Wearable with FitAd's Advertising Platform
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Ads Go Wearable with FitAd's Advertising Platform

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Mobile Tech Wednesday, December 17, 2014

FitAd has unveiled a new mobile and wearable advertising platform.  The platform is now available for fitness and health publishers and brands. FitAd is a mobility ad network that offers advertising for health and fitness brands for tablets, smartphones and wearables. The company has target ad offerings which reach nearly 50 million monthly mobile site and app users.
Research by Flurry indicated that fitness app usage is experiencing 87 percent faster growth in the overall mobile app market. Findings derived from  Nielsen’s Mobile NetView 3.0 software showed that almost one-third of U.S. smartphone owners or approximately 46 million unique users had used mobile apps in January 2014 in fitness and health brands. According to the report, 46 million users accessed the apps on average 16 times per month and engaged with the apps over periods averaging approximately one hour per engagement.
Mobile apps and wearable gear can improve engagement with health and fitness related activities. FitAd can match brands and help developers with their target active audience. FitAd is capable of providing an audience in which its customer base is highly interested in for engagement with mobile and wearable devices.
The company was founded by advertising industry veteran Mort Greenberg. Greenberg stated that FitAd is creating the ad market for mobile’s next tidal wave – health, fitness and wearable technology. He explained how FitAd capitalizes on what the company calls ‘Moments.’ Greenberg  described moments as marking the start, completion or achievement of an important milestone within a fitness and health app or website. 

FitAd is developing the next wave for mobile’s ad market. FitAd delivers advertising revenue for publishers. The company’s  PrecisionTap™ platform offers three options in which publishers are able to participate in its mobile ad network. Customers can install the FitAd software developer kit (SDK), be featured on FitAd private marketplace or access event and seasonal sponsorship opportunities.
 “We’re creating the ad market for mobile’s next tidal wave – health, fitness and wearable technology,” said Greenberg. “FitAd capitalizes on what we call ‘Moments.’ Moments mark the start, completion or achievement of an important milestone within a fitness and health app or website. At these Moments, it is appropriate to match advertising to the Moment so that brands can acknowledge, recognize, reward or challenge users. Examples of Moments include: beginning a run, descending a mountain, driving for your longest golf shot, beating your best 5k time, or simply making a healthy food or lifestyle choice that is being captured via an app or website.”
FitAd’s debut marks Greenberg’s sixth involvement in an ad network launch. Previous launch participation includes Ask Jeeves; Metacafe; NBC Local Media; Nokia Advertising; and, most recently, PROXi Digital, iHeartMedia’s digital affiliate network.

Read more: http://www.fitad.com

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