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9/28/2016 8:04:06 AM
XebiaLabs Releases New Integrations to Help Deliver Enterprise Software Better
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XebiaLabs Releases New Integrations to Help Deliver Enterprise Software Better


XebiaLabs Releases New Integrations to Help Deliver Enterprise Software Better

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Richard Harris Richard Harris

XebiaLabs just announced the availability of several new integrations, including plugins for Kubernetes, Docker Compose, Docker and Ansible. These integrations help enterprise IT teams better manage container deployments and orchestrate complex DevOps tool chains across different technology platforms and application technologies. As a result, organizations gain the insight and intelligence they need to understand, improve and manage the process of delivering enterprise software better, faster and with less risk.
As enterprises release software ever faster using a multitude of disparate tools, they struggle to manage and control the release process at scale. Release pipeline orchestration provides crucial end-to-end automation, visibility, control and intelligence about the complete Continuous Delivery process. XebiaLabs already provides a myriad of integrations with popular enterprise IT tools. The new plugins further simplify the process for enterprises to orchestrate and automate steps in Kubernetes, Docker Compose, Docker and Ansible, as part of a streamlined, controlled, end-to-end Continuous Delivery software pipeline.
Application Release Orchestration across Containers and other Technologies
Kubernetes, Ansible and Docker Compose are all designed to help manage steps in their own specialized environments, but they need an orchestration layer in order to adapt for enterprise-scale release pipelines. Invariably, enterprises utilize hybrid environments, not just containers, and they need to apply a standardized, repeatable release process across all technologies.
XebiaLabs’ release orchestration solution lets enterprises model, automate and analyze the most complex pipelines in the software delivery environment. Its graphical dashboards provide a single source for the latest release information across all tools, usable by both business and technical teams throughout the enterprise.
XL Release automatically enforces compliance requirements, captures audit logs and produces detailed metrics and reports across the entire DevOps tool chain. Teams get the insight and intelligence they need to identify bottlenecks, reduce production errors and lower the risk of failed releases.
“Container technologies such as Docker have gained great popularity but have also introduced new complexities,” explains Vincent Partington, CTO at XebiaLabs. “While Kubernetes and Docker Compose help manage the complexity of containers themselves, they do not address the overall challenges of release orchestration. And in many cases, containers create additional complexity and dependencies that must be managed. XebiaLabs helps containers become an integrated part of an enterprise-scale software delivery process that works across different types of technologies and enforces security, IT governance and compliance requirements.”
The following new plugins will be available for download on the XebiaLabs website on October 7th 2016:
- Docker Compose plugin for XL Release 
- Kubernetes plugin for XL Release
- Ansible plugin for XL Release
- Docker plugin for XL Deploy (available Oct 15th)

Read more: https://xebialabs.com/products/xl-release/

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