1. WordPress MarfeelPress plugin gives power to the publisher
11/29/2018 2:11:11 PM
WordPress MarfeelPress plugin gives power to the publisher
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WordPress MarfeelPress plugin gives power to the publisher

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave

WordPress plugin MarfeelPress wants to help publishers boost their advertising revenue with out-of-the-box AMP pages, page-to-page interactions, and more.

Marfeel announced that it has launched MarfeelPress, their first all-in-one plugin that enables publishers of all sizes using the WordPress content management system (CMS) to enhance the mobile version of their content while boosting engagement and ad revenue. In the first stage of its official launch, Marfeel will be releasing the plugin to select publishers by invitation only, and initial spots are limited. 

With a continuous reading experience that mimics the act of flipping through a magazine, MarfeelPress packages User Experience (UX) features for all publishers regardless of whether they have an operating budget or not, to boost the recirculation of users, engagement, and ultimately ad revenue.

“With the arrival of MarfeelPress, publishers of all sizes can now take advantage of the same cutting-edge technology that was previously reserved for leading publishers,” says Marfeel co-founder and CEO Xavi Beumala. “MarfeelPress can essentially help bloggers or publishers of any size achieve an enormous increase in revenue via the mobile advertising benefits and mobile site design that is geared toward boosting engagement. In some cases, we have seen the Marfeel solution help publishers quadruple their revenue.”

Functionalities such as swiping, image galleries, out-of-the-box AMP pages, instantaneous page speed, animated page-to-page interactions, and dynamic ad placement are now available to all publishers of any size. Combined with Marfeel’s ad tech stack and its partnerships with ad exchanges, ad servers, and ad networks, "publishers can only expect their ad revenue to boom."

The new platform allows publishers tha ability to structure their site as they see fit, implement their strong brand identity, define the social sharing options, and adjust their preferences whenever they want. The plugin provides the ability for publishers to configure integral elements of their site without the need to get too technical and revise their source code.

Marfeel is a Google Certified Publishing Partner, Google AMP Technology Partner, and a Facebook Instant Articles Partner, as well as a member of Prebid.org and IAB Spain.

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