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3/2/2017 10:10:12 AM
What works best with IoT devices: hardware vs software presentation
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What works best with IoT devices: hardware vs software presentation


What works best with IoT devices: hardware vs software presentation

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Richard Harris Richard Harris

President of IoT Security solutions company, Icon Labs, chosen to speak at Embedded World Show Europe.

Icon Labs, a provider of security solutions for IoT and edge devices, has announced Icon Labs President Alan Grau has been selected to present at Embedded World Show Europe.
Alan’s presentation will provide engineers, product managers and executives with an overview of the available security technologies for the IoT and IIoT, and a framework to start building secure IoT devices.
Engineers developing IoT devices have a wide range of choices for adding security to their device. Hardware security elements including TPMs, TEEs and secure elements are available from a variety of vendors. Software security solutions are also available that can provide a variety of features include secure communication, authentication, firewalls, secure boot, secure firmware updates and security management.
This presentation will discuss some recent hacks, cyber security trends, and a detailed overview of IoT security technologies and how they can be applied to secure IoT devices. Specific attention will be paid to the trade-offs and interactions between hardware and software security implementations.

Topics covered include:

- Hardware security: description of TPMs, TEEs, TrustZone and other HW security elements and how they are used in IoT devices
- Software security: Firewalls, encryption, security protocols and secure boot
- Hardware vs. Software: the role of HW security vs. the role of SW security
- What security features does your IoT device require? What are the minimum requirements?
- Scalability issues: how to address security for sensors, endpoints and gateways
- System level view of security
Icon Labs’ products provide embedded security for IoT and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions in aerospace, industrial, medical control devices, and consumer electronics. The Floodgate Security Framework provides a “defense in depth” solution to protect control units and endpoint devices from cyber threats, aid in compliance with regulatory mandates and guidelines, and gather and report command, event, and device status information for audit requirements.

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