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Weekly Roundup: New iPhone Arrives, Lagoa and 3DTin, Vision Mobile Report, Nokia Create Contest, and Jolla Sailfish
Weekly Roundup
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Weekly Roundup: New iPhone Arrives, Lagoa and 3DTin, Vision Mobile Report, Nokia Create Contest, and Jolla Sailfish

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Mobile Tech Saturday, September 21, 2013

Top Stories for the week of 9/21/2013

News ImageAssets for App Creation: Leveraging Visual and Audio Resources for App Developers
When it comes to software development, there are two sides of the creative coin, artistic creativity and technical creativity. Visual design and in some cases audio expertise dominate one side of the coin with skilled graphic designers and artists who design from an aesthetic point of view. On the other side of the coin, you have the programmers and software engineers, who exercise creativity from a technical perspective. They must show the same level of creativity as those working from a visual perspective, but they exercise that creativity in solving technical problems and architecting solutions that meet the needs of their client or audience. Generally speaking, most people would agree that we fall into one side of that equation or the ... full story

This Weeks App Showcase

Article Image

AppOps HiddenAppRights 4.3

By elec29a
Version: 1.0.4     Free

AppOps HiddenAppRights 4.3 by elec29a is one of the smallest apps in the Android Play store but it packs a big punch! It allows you to access the Android 4.3's Hidden App Permission Manager which lets you control the permissions for individual apps on your device. You can turn off permissions for apps that have ads, or access the internet without your permission, and more.

It was programmed using Android Java in Eclipse and only took a couple of days to complete. It is lightly marketed on Facebook, but nothing outside of that.

The biggest challenge in development was finding the undocumented api thats only available in 4.3.

... full story


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