8/29/2014 10:25:54 PM
VMware Workspace Suite Offers New Integrated Development Platform
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VMware Workspace Suite Offers New Integrated Development Platform

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Enterprise Friday, August 29, 2014

VMware has launched VMware Workspace Suite, a new integrated platform for managing applications, data and devices. VMware Workspace Suite offers a single, integrated portal to access AirWatch by VMware mobile and content management solutions, and VMware Horizon. 

For end-users, the result is a unified experience across mobile and desktop devices, while IT gains a comprehensive management solution. VMware Workspace Suite offers access to web, SaaS and Windows applications using mobile devices requiring one touch since they reside in the VMware Workspace Portal and appear in the AirWatch application catalog. 

VMware provides a unified platform that can monitor and automate resource management across private and public clouds using VMware vCloud Automation Center and VMware vCenter Operations Manager to enable the highest service level agreements. 

VMWare has also introduced updates to the VMware desktop product portfolio which include:

- Real-Time Application Delivery with CloudVolumes: The addition of CloudVolumes offers real-time delivery of applications, user settings and data to any virtual desktop, enabling customers to deliver personalized desktops with the economics of a shared infrastructure. Combined with VMware Horizon, it provides end-users a personalized, mobile-like experience, while offering IT organizations the greater simplicity and lower costs associated with stateless environments in their data center or the cloud.  

- High Performance Rich Graphics Applications on Chromebooks: The collaboration between VMware, Google and NVIDIA offers a technology preview of high-performance, workstation-class applications and desktops accessible from Chromebooks. This will expand the hardware options for customers with demanding visual computing needs so they can select their system of choice. Combining NVIDIA GRID virtual GPU (vGPU) in the data center, NVIDIA Tegra K1 processors in Chromebooks, and the next generation VMware Blast Performance will deliver a smooth and power efficient virtual desktop experience. 

- Applications-as-a-Service with VMware Horizon DaaS: This solution offers comprehensive delivery of published applications, shared desktop sessions, and full virtual desktops and applications via a multi-tenant public cloud DaaS. 

- Desktop as a Service European Expansion; VMware Horizon DaaS will be available to global customers in the U.K. and a third desktop service option, VMware Horizon DaaS Enterprise will offer DaaS environments to a broader set of user profiles. 

VMware is also demonstrating Project Meteor, a technology preview showcasing next generation desktops and applications as a service. This technology can create personalized desktops with a user's applications and data, dynamically using any generic available virtual machine. In addition, Project Meteor will then deliver these end-user resources in seconds to any device with an HTML5 based browser. This will offer a mobile-like experience in its speed and personalization, while offering the agility and anywhere access of the cloud.

Read more: http://www.vmware.com/company/news/releases/vmw-ne...

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