11/17/2017 2:09:46 PM
ViroCore launched to build immersive AR apps
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ViroCore launched to build immersive AR apps

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Augmented Reality Friday, November 17, 2017

Mobile AR and VR development with Java or React Native has been launched by Viro.

Viro Media has announces the launch of ViroCore, a SceneKit equivalent for Android enabling native AR/VR development using Java. ViroCore supports ARCore, Google Cardboard, Daydream and Gear VR.

With ViroCore, Android developers can now build immersive standalone AR/VR apps or add features like Snapchat’s Lenses into their existing apps using familiar languages and tools. ViroCore is the alternative to specialized game engines or lower-level APIs like OpenGL for building AR/VR apps.

ARCore support has also been added to ViroReact, Viro’s AR/VR platform for React Native developers. Using ViroReact, developers can now use a single code base for their AR/VR apps on Android and iOS.

Key Viro features

  • Create scenes with HDR rendering, lighting, and shadows

  • Enable mixed reality with full support for immersive media such as 3D models (FBX and OBJ), 360 photos/videos and stereoscopic photos/videos 

  • Add real-world mechanics to your objects with physics and animation

  • Emit smoke, fog, fire and other moving liquids with our particle system

  • Filter the world with post-processing effects

“The recent launch of ARKit represents an opportunity to build the next generation of mobile apps creating a lot of developer enthusiasm,” said Danny Moon, co-founder & CEO, Viro Media. “With ARCore coming soon, we wanted to make AR development more accessible for Android developers also. With ViroCore and ViroReact, we’re excited to deploy the tools our audience want and need to build great AR/VR applications. Enabling more developers to build immersive experiences will lead to a better, larger and more diverse ecosystem of apps.”


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