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11/8/2021 10:25:19 AM
Value Stream Management solution announced by LeanIX
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Value Stream Management solution announced by LeanIX


Value Stream Management solution announced by LeanIX

Monday, November 8, 2021

Russ Scritchfield Russ Scritchfield

LeanIX has launched the Value Stream Management solution (VSM) that will enable organizations to manage technology landscapes, increase visibility in software delivery performance, and help make data-driven decisions that increase productivity in software teams.

LeanIX announced LeanIX Value Stream Management (VSM) as the de facto standard for managing technology landscapes, LeanIX adds VSM capabilities to its platform to connect code to business outcomes by establishing end-to-end visibility into software delivery performance.

Value Stream Management from LeanIX

LeanIX VSM is purpose-built for modern software development organizations by offering numerous features, capabilities, and integrations. It can provide software delivery teams the insight to make data-driven decisions to help increase productivity through knowledge-sharing and improved collaboration. The company's vision for VSM is to help software organizations eliminate waste based on real-time flow metrics, measuring business outcomes, and streamlining governance.

According to The State of Value Stream Management Report 2021 report published by the VSM Consortium, "Whilst organizations continually strive to focus on business outcomes, few are using the technology available to make this easy. The survey indicates 36% of respondents are still manually connecting flow data to understand how it connects to business results, and of the 44% who are automating this task, only 8% are using a purpose-built value stream management platform (VSMP). Additionally, only 16% are in the implementation phase."

"We must enable engineering leaders, DevOps teams, and Product IT to speak a common language. As DevOps initiatives add to the complexity of different toolsets, cross-functional processes, and new ways of working, software teams struggle to measure real value to the business. In order to reconcile the needs of engineering teams and IT leadership, LeanIX VSM connects knowledge and flow processes to improve the reliability of software, allocate resources more effectively, and make decisions more confidently across the organization," said Andre Christ, co-founder, and CEO of LeanIX.

As an evolution of the company's Cloud and Microservice Intelligence solutions, LeanIX VSM includes a new integration set. These integrations expand its cataloging services and can connect additional source data from disconnected teams, tools, and environments. Within one holistic solution that provides a variety of dashboards, reports, and catalogs, teams can also surface bottlenecks that exist in engineering pipelines but also in the public cloud and cloud-native instances (AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, etc.).

"Navigating software artifacts and services to measure value streams is a huge challenge, but the time is now for software organizations to aggregate broad views into specific data that helps remove the 'gut feel' problem of decision-making. As engineering, DevOps, and Product IT leaders make flow information visible across the organization, more data is readily available for understanding which tools and processes are delivering value, and which aren't. With LeanIX VSM, we enable this proactive approach and can help measure key performance indicators over time and create actionable insights for the future," said Andre Christ, co-founder, and CEO of LeanIX.

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