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8/15/2014 2:31:22 PM
Using The Weather To Earn More Revenue From Your App
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Using The Weather To Earn More Revenue From Your App


Using The Weather To Earn More Revenue From Your App

Friday, August 15, 2014

Richard Harris Richard Harris
Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson

One of the concepts that we don’t hear a lot about here at ADM is how external factors can affect an app user’s interaction with an app and how that situation provides an opportunity to deliver content and marketing messages. Maybe it’s because prior to mobile marketing, their really was no way to proactively tailor a message to people on the go or based on their current environment.

Mobile provides the opportunity to use a new tactic called hyper-local targeting, which gives developers a unique chance to provide specific content, at a specific time, triggered by a specific event. Hyper-local targeting not only provides a developer the opportunity to engage users in a new way, but also provides the opportunity to serve the holy grail of advertising messages, targeting to a specific event – in the moment - that provides an increased likelihood of a desired action.  

Vincent Montero with Phunware has recently posted a discussion of hyper-local targeting and how today’s mobile technology allows developers to directly target messages like never before. In this discussion, he uses the example of weather and how developers and marketers can take advantage of this specific external event to enhance interaction with app users by serving content (and ads) tailored to evoke responses during these events.

So how could this work? For example, stores in cities with sunny weather forecasts might direct customers to their storefront, while those in the middle of snow season could be enticed to stay indoors for “website-only” deals. News of an upcoming snowstorm in Chicago might trigger ads for snow tires in the Windy City. Highs in the 70’s in the Southern US in July (yes it happened this year), its time for outdoor dining ads to appear.

As Vincent points out in this scenario: “By automating the ad delivery process, relevant and impactful ads can be triggered by temperature range, weather conditions and DMA or specific location. Consumers can receive a mobile ad when the temperature drops to a certain degree within a targeted area. For example, a beer company might want to message consumers in certain cities where they are not as well known by offering mobile discounts on days when its over 80 degrees. This allows marketers to “set and forget” their ads, allowing their campaigns to launch only at the most appropriate times for their target audience.”

You can check out Vincent’s post to read the entire article. And what about your app and how you can take advantage of hyper-local targeting? Shoot Vincent an email, tell him about your app and let him toss a couple of ideas out at you.

Read more: http://www.phunware.com/business-2/weather-next-wa...

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