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6/24/2022 8:38:08 AM
Unified Analytics launches from BigPanda Inc
Unified Analytics,launches,from,BigPanda Inc
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Unified Analytics launches from BigPanda Inc


Unified Analytics launches from BigPanda Inc

Friday, June 24, 2022

Richard Harris Richard Harris

BigPanda Inc has announced the launch of Unified Analytics, which addresses challenges including gaps in visibility, measuring value, difficulty understanding which KPIs to measure, and more. Some of the key benefits include organization-wide visibility, cost savings, and improved IT Ops efficiency.

BigPanda, Inc. has launched Unified Analytics, a revamped feature that gives IT Ops teams new self-service analytic capabilities to create new and highly interactive dashboards and reports from complex IT Ops alert data. BigPanda is the only AIOps platform that also delivers a complete library of ready-to-use operational and value dashboards that allow users to rapidly track and measure IT operations KPIs, metrics, and valuable use cases that show the impact of IT Ops improvements on the business.

The path to measuring IT Ops business outcomes isn't always clear. In fact, Gartner in its 2022 Market Guide for AIOps states, "One of the main barriers to implementing artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) platforms is the difficulty measuring their value and a lack of understanding of benefits derived. This is hard to do for several reasons, including IT Ops data that's extremely siloed, gaps in visibility between teams, and difficulty in understanding which KPIs to measure and how they drive business impact."

Unified Analytics launches

BigPanda's Unified Analytics addresses these challenges with new, out-of-the-box, persona-based dashboards that help IT organizations translate IT Ops metrics into business impact. Leaders can now discover the impact of alert quality on IT Operations, track how consistently diverse teams are impacting incident response, and better demonstrate using metrics, improved IT Ops productivity.

"As a trusted advisor and partner to corporate IT organizations, Ballast Services strives to help our customers optimize their technology and internal workflows to make digital business more observable and resilient. A challenge we face is knowing all of the unique metrics and KPIs each of our customers should focus on that will ultimately enhance their customers' experience. BigPanda’s Unified Analytics gives our teams new IT Ops executive dashboards based on industry and BigPanda best practices that rapidly identify improvements specific to each of our customers on how to improve noise reduction, service availability, and team productivity, and importantly, help us translate those metrics into business impact for each customer," explained Ty Patterson, IT Systems Automation Engineer at Ballast Services.

"With so much IT Ops data created on a daily basis, teams need an easy way to harness it so they can see what's working for the business and what's not. BigPanda was already the most robust AIOps platform on the market, and with our new Unified Analytics, organizations harness a virtuous cycle of data-driven analysis, decision making, and measurement that has a massive impact on IT Operations that deliver real-life business outcomes," said Fred Koopmans, BigPanda's chief product officer.

The next generation of IT operations

The next generation of IT operations

With BigPanda's Unified Analytics, IT Ops teams can ingest, normalize and tag all alert data to view within a single pane of glass. A purpose-built data model delivers calculated fields that remove the need for complex queries to measure how long it takes to assign, engage with, fix and resolve incidents. Users can create new and highly interactive dashboards with drag-and-drop functionality that make KPI measurement easier, allowing teams to ask the right questions that drive operational improvements.

Key benefits BigPandas Unified Analytics include

Key benefits BigPanda's Unified Analytics include:

  • Organization-wide visibility. Use insights from data to improve operational and team performance thanks to comprehensive, ready-to-use IT Ops dashboards.
  • Cost savings. Measure alert quality and connect the impact on noise reduction and operator productivity.
  • Improved IT Ops efficiency. Operate at scale by reducing redundancies across both teams and tools.

"Lumen Technologies manages the backbone for a large portion of the world’s network traffic, so operational awareness is critical for us at all times. BigPanda’s Unified Analytics helps unify monitoring and observability data into a single pane of glass. We can build custom dashboards and create custom KPIs unique to our business, which helps us avoid surprises and illuminate ways we can optimize incident management workflows," said Lukas Johnson, lead IT infrastructure engineer at Lumen Technologies.

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