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1/6/2021 11:02:05 AM
Try to make web apps like native apps in 2021
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Try to make web apps like native apps in 2021


Try to make web apps like native apps in 2021

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Freeman Lightner Freeman Lightner

CEO Max de Lavenne from Buildable predicts that in 2021 organizations will be facing system switching fatigue, adjusting temporary systems for the long-term, and an accelerated trend towards designing web apps to have mobile app-like functionality.

Consumers will want to work seamlessly between desktop and mobile. We will continue to see an accelerated trend towards modifying web apps to exhibit mobile app-like functionality and bring rich desktop features to the phone.

Addressing system-switching fatigue

Businesses will seek more integrated solutions to reduce the number of portals users must log in to, where each has a different interface, capabilities, and training costs. 

Robust, long-term pandemic solutions

2020 was the year of cobbling together new systems out of necessity to survive pandemic disruption. In 2021, many companies will adjust temporary systems for long-term software solutions as the economy recovers. 

About Max de Lavenne

Senior software architect and CEO Max de Lavenne has been solving complex problems with cutting-edge technologies for 25 years. Max earned an electronics and software engineering degree at ISEP, in France, followed by an MBA at Pepperdine University, and has lead engineering teams for several corporations in a variety of markets. In 2008, Max founded Buildable, a custom software development company near Portland, Oregon, focused on delivering mobile, web, and cloud apps across a wide range of industries. As an adjunct professor at Linfield University and the CTO at Buildable, Max continues to mold and mentor today's engineers in their pursuit of building tomorrow's innovations.

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