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9/9/2015 10:06:25 AM
Trifecta Events Coming to Santa Clara Convention Center in September
API World,Santa Clara Convention Center
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Trifecta Events Coming to Santa Clara Convention Center in September


Trifecta Events Coming to Santa Clara Convention Center in September

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Richard Harris Richard Harris

The Santa Clara Convention Center will be a busy place on September 28 – 30 as it hosts three conferences in one - API World, Integrate 2015 and DataWeek. In addition to activities surrounding each event’s focus, there will also be an expo hall, hiring mixers and a hackathon.


The DataWeek 2015 Conference and Festival focuses on data skills including Data Science, Data Visualization, implementing NoSQL, Graph Databases, API Design, API Strategy, and Data-Driven marketing. Most of DataWeek will consist of educational bootcamps and workshops.

Integrate 2015

Integrate 2015 is about Open Technology which makes it easy for anyone (from startups to Fortune 500) to integrate with banks, retail brands, health care providers, government data, utility data, consumer social apps, or even personal geo-location and preferences via cloud-base integration. Just as opening the web democratizes information, opening technology democratizes intelligence, analytics, business functions, communications, and social activity, and business processes.

Activities will include an expo hall, hiring mixers and hackathon. 

Educational tracts will include:

- Mobile Stack Track: Scaling a mobile application requires more than just choosing a device. Learn about what technologies integrate to create your Mobile Stack.

- Marketing Stack Track: Learn how marketing platforms, ad networks, and data sources integrate into a Marketing Stack.

Security Stack Track: Attend talks and meet technologies that scale your IT security strategy.

- Cloud Stack Track: Cloud means more than hosting. How do data centers, virtualization, application platforms, and DevOps tools integrate into your Cloud Stack?

API World

API World puts API Innovation, API Design, API Strategy, and API Services on center-stage covering topics across Internet of Things API’s (connected cars, connected homes, devices), Marketing API’s, Infrastructure-as-a-Service API’s, and Data and Machine Learning API’s.

Conference tracks include:

- API Design & Strategy: Learn how to design API’s – and how API’s can fit into your company strategy.

- Open Standards: As the universe of API’s expands, creating and adopting standards becomes exponentially important. What are the open standards initiatives?

- API Infrastructure: Learn how to implement, scale, and secure API’s with API Infrastructure best practices.

- API Discovery: From life and health API’s, mobile and communication API’s, cloud and infrastructure API’s – this track covers the newest API’s within your industry.

- Internet of Things API’s: This track covers new technologies and topics around Home API’s, wearable API’s, environment-as-platform API’s, as well as any device/sensor integrations.

- Mobile API’s: What are the communication, data, analytics, and infrastructure API’s available to API developers?

- Media API’s: This track covers API technologies that enable entertainment, streaming video, streaming music, delivery, distribution, content, and semantics around digital media

- Cloud API’s: If you’re hosting your app in the cloud, you should know about the API’s for DevOps / Infrastructure / scalability!

- Marketing Stack API’s: How to digital advertising / marketing solutions integrate together? This track covers how marketing technologies add up to your marketing stack.

Read more: http://integratecon.com/

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