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11/10/2015 3:02:51 PM
TempoIQ Adds Updates to Its IoT PaaS NoCode Platform
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TempoIQ Adds Updates to Its IoT PaaS NoCode Platform


TempoIQ Adds Updates to Its IoT PaaS NoCode Platform

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Richard Harris Richard Harris

TempoIQ has launched of the 4th generation of its PaaS-based no-code application platform which provides the ability to create IoT dashboards, mobile applications, and websites without writing code. The latest release provides new functionality into the ability for companies to create custom applications, real-time dashboards and design data visualizations with time-travel reporting. TempoIQ’s IoT platform consists of Connect IQ, ViewIQ, Analyze IQ, and Data IQ.

Connect IQ offers a data-based TempoIQ Connect API which allows developers to connect any IoT device from anywhere and start streaming data instantly, without-preprovising or pre-defined schemas. Connect IQ extends data connectivity options by enabling instant-on device provisioning in real-time. ConnectIQ offers flexible connectivity and protocol support over HTTP with SSL security and MQTT, scaleable to millions of connected IoT devices.

TempoIQ's View IQ enables application and data sharing within an organization and ecosystem. ViewIQ’s interactive application composer provides the ability to design and deploy realtime views into IoT devices, applications, users and data that are shareable within a company as well as with partners and customers, in an environment that is hosted in the cloud or embedded into applications.

TempoIQ's Data IQ is architected around a flexible event data model, enabling companies to collect all IoT data and instantly enrich it with additional context, from any product, device or department. With Data IQ, companies can store all IoT data with instant access for reporting and deeper integration into the organization. DataIQ automatically scales to meet the needs of IoT applications, with private cloud security built-in.

TempoIQ's Analyze IQ enable insights with custom analytics to compute and stream in real-time. With Analytic Composer, companies can create custom analytics streams that find realtime insight in IoT data, automatically stored in DataIQ and pushed to an  application. Developers can integrate realtime IoT data visualizations into dashboards, websites, or applications.

Read more: https://www.tempoiq.com/

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