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11/7/2023 2:20:05 PM
Telerik and Kendo UI R3 updates from Progress
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Telerik and Kendo UI R3 updates from Progress


Telerik and Kendo UI R3 updates from Progress

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Progress recently announced the release of R3 2023, an update that enables developers to easily meet UI design requirements and accessibility standards with new components for .NET MAUI, Blazor and more that help developers build modern applications faster with expanded design system tooling.

Progress the provider of application development and infrastructure software, recently announced the R3 2023 release of Progress Telerik and Progress Kendo UI, the
most powerful .NET and JavaScript UI libraries and tools for application development. From modernizing legacy projects to building new applications, this new release equips developers with the tools they need for UI styling and customization, compliance with the latest accessibility and security standards, and powerful data visualizations.

"Developing modern apps requires a streamlined workflow from design through development and tools that make it easy to comply with accessibility requirements. With Progress Developer Tools R3, we deliver this and more, as we continue our commitment to providing developers with the best tools to deliver on their requirements, today and into the future," said Loren Jarrett, EVP & General Manager, Digital Experience, Progress.

What’s new in R3 2023:

Expanded design system tooling for an easier design to development workflow

  • Expanded design system documentation: Components such as Editor, ListView, ListBox, MultiSelectTree, DateInput, ChipList, Window, Dialog, MultiColumnComboBox and Filter join the large collection detailed in the Design System documentation.
  • Progress ThemeBuilder integrations: New components such as TileLayout, Popover, Filter, Conversational UI and Form are supported in the unique and powerful ThemeBuilder app, covering more UI styling and customization use cases.

Reporting and visualization components for embedded data-driven experiences

  • Modernized reporting experience: Enhancements that will help developers uplevel their reporting efforts include the addition of native Angular Report Viewer, a SkiaSharp-based graphics library that enables Linux deployment of .NET 6+ applications and built-in support for configuration of gauges.
  • Spreadsheet functionality for Angular: New for Angular and improved for React, developers can add robust Excel-like functionality to their web apps.
  • New data visualization components: New Trendline, Pyramid, KendoReact OrgChart and various other chart types that can standalone or integrate with other UI components offer developers what they need for stunning web visualizations.

New components to modernize web and desktop applications  

  • DockManager for migrating from desktop to web: This new component will help developers recreate desktop experiences in ASP.NET Core/MVC or jQuery applications.
  • New editor and navigation controls in Blazor: ListBox and DropDownButton are newly added components that shape Progress Telerik UI for Blazor
     into the only Blazor library developers need to build Blazor apps and modernize legacy web projects.
  • Scheduling capabilities in .NET MAUI: A new Scheduler component offers an in-app calendar experience that is similar to Outlook or Google Calendar while ensuring full-component parity with UI for Xamarin for those planning a migration.
  • New controls for desktop apps: SlideView, PipsPager, SVG control and Chat (Conversational UI) are some of the new components for advanced desktop capabilities.  

Enhanced productivity and support for the latest frameworks  

  • Continued industry-leading support for Microsoft’s newest frameworks: Enabling developers to work on Microsoft platforms with support for the latest .NET 8 release candidate (RC).
  • Updated debugging technology: The popular Fiddler debugging solution helps developers stay on top of their troubleshooting efforts with HTTP/2 support, updated UX, and more.  

WCAG 2.2 and CSP compliant components  

  • Improved accessibility in line with the newly released WCAG 2.2 standard: Progress is among the first in the industry to ensure WCAG 2.2 compliancy for its Telerik and Kendo UI web components.
  • Strict CSP (Content Security Policy) compliance: Telerik and Kendo UI libraries help developers build secure user experiences, targeted for organizations that need to follow strict security standards.  

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